Gematria (The Killing Name)

Album: All Hope Is Gone (2008)


  • Lead singer Corey Taylor explained this song to Kerrang! July 19, 2008 "This song is not about my disgust of America, but more about its people. I love my country, I love the people that defend my country. I love the people that still exercise their right to disagree and voice their discontent, but there are a lot of people who are disguising politics as religion and dictating taste and turning it into policy, and that hurts me. Obviously you have to have both sides in a democracy, but it just seems like the scales have tipped so f--king far on the one side its untrue."

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  • Seeker from Unknown DepthCan someone explain the significance of '12/08/73'?
  • Neo from SpaceDo you even know what gematria is? It's coding numbers into words and its jewish mysticism that stems from kabalah. The book of formation states god created the world through letters numbers and words. Also you can check out murder by numbers bybthe policy. Its about the same thing. Why would a song be called gematria and not have anything to do with it. Use your brain. Just because a simg writer tells you its about something else maybe you should look into it more. I mean for f--k sakes they have a star of David on the album cover. Wake up call lol. Also, the time of the 9? Quick Google search will tell you the 9 days is a jewish tradition.
  • Alexander Buckley from Butte Montana, Kspacifism has no place with metal. obviously this song is about Americas strength, not its weakness. I think alot of bands could learn a thing or two from slipknot, metallica, disturbed, and godsmack.
  • Alexander Buckley from Butte Montana, KsObviously this song is about how indestructible the U.S. military is. if it was meant to burn America it wouldn't say "it doesnt feel or DISCRIMINATE". The song is most definetely for pumping up the troops. I hate when I hear a metal song thats all hard and aggressive, but that talks about pacifism. metal bands should be singing about patriotic american things. pacifism has no place with metal. I think alot of bands could learn a thing or two from disturbed, metallica, godsmack, and obviously slipknot. my favorite part is when it says "and we will burn your cities down!"
  • Mike from Denver, Coi support our troops in the war all the way. they risk their life and everything they have for our country and the freedom it holds. how can you not respect them? i hate the people who rip on bush, the war, and the especially the soldiers. Yes, the government is a little jacked up right now (nowhere near a killing machine or a government that hates humanity), but who is the government run by? Ordinary people. That's right. And people make mistakes right? Some are bigger than others, but hey, we are human. If you wanna rip about the war and our country, go to your stinking whining communist websites and talk your head off there. I am tired of people ripping on America. This country is the home of hope and freedom. Move to f--king england or somewhere if you don't like it! the way this songs rocks
  • Xavier from Santa Fe, NmAt first, I hated this song because of what it said about America, but after hearing what Corey had to say about it, I understood it a little more.
  • Zohar Houston from London, United KingdomI don't really mind America as a whole, I just think the governments are a bit, well, screwed. It's the same with many countries nowadays. I agree with the line "America Is A Killing Name" because the government has been kiling thousands of innocent people, it's not the troops fault, they hate the war as much as everyone.
  • Steven from Hamden, CtIt's about how, as Corey said, America's democracy has been corrupted and personalized so much, we've just become one great monster generating murder, that what the song says, more or less in detail
  • Aaron from Seattle, WaThis song is kick-ass. This song, along with Psychosocial and Sulfur, proves that this is All Hope Is Gone is Slipknots toughest album to date.
  • Josh from Columbus, OhWhen I first listened to this song I thought it was just a song to pump up oour soldiers. i really don't understand what this has to do with politics. But if i was in the military this song would definately make me feel tough. all in all this song is amazing
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