Pulse Of The Maggots

Album: Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses (2004)
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  • This is about how Slipknot will always be there for their fans even though they did break up for a little while. Slipknot fans are affectionately called "Maggots." >>
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    Rachel - Raleigh, NC
  • The title was inspired by the constant movement of fans at Slipknot concerts.

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  • Kaine Gross from RaleighThe song is really good.
  • Trent from Chatsworth, OnWhat does MAGGOTS stand for?
  • Patrick from Houston, TxI am and have always been a huge slipknot fan, and Pulse OF The Maggots is my favorite song. This is a dual meaning song. Yes it is a sort of "shout out" to their fans, hence the maggots reference. However, if you really listen to the song and understand the lyrics, you realize they aren't just telling the fans that they are still here and not going anywhere. Think about what is going on in america, think about the current destruction of our civil liberties, think about how central banking is slowing taking what is left of america from us... then listen to the song... sounds more like a call to arms for a revolution.
  • Larissa from Blue Mountains, Australia'maggot' is a term coined by joey, because hed look in the mosh pit and see a mass of people swarming and basically feeding off the music, like maggots. its a term of endearment and affectionate, not something that should be used as an insult.
  • Mike from Denver, Costay sic or die
    maggot 4 life!!!
  • Garrett from Miami, FlLol Luke Thats so true, Slipknot is my favorite band. but i don't have horrible grammar but i do notice a lot of people that like Slipknot are retarded.
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandWhy are "maggots" predominately illiterate online?
    Heavy metal used to be an intellectual genre, not one for dumb assed retards
  • Earl from Littlerock, CaBeing called a maggot sonds bad, but its just tuff love so if you dont like it then oh well deal with it!!!
    (We ArE tHe pUlSe oF tHe MaGGotS}
  • Jerimias from Nuuk, GreenlandYeah! Maggots for Life!
    I usually scream along, when I'm listening to this song. Feels great!
    WE WON'T DIE!!!
  • Liz from London, EnglandPulse of the maggots is just sheer unadulterated anger-thrash-we are the mutts nuts- slipknot at their best. use of drum and bass, genious!! We Are The Pulse Of The MAggots!!!!!!
  • Yoseph from Cupertino, Cai like this song, but im not a huge fan of slipknot, and i dont call myself a maggot.
  • Luke from Manchester, England1. Slipknot haven't split up, they never spilt up.
    2. Corey was in Stone Sour BEFORE he was in Slipknot, he just brought them out of hiatus
  • Alex from Webb City, Moyeah corey said in an interview that its for the fans. and slipknot is gettin back together. they were takin a break while corey works with stone sour and joey works with the murder dolls.
  • Tyler from Des Moines, Iathey didnt just break up for a while, they are done finally and also, stone sour is back in the studio, and i also heard something about them starting a record company in des moines, who knows, random things like that happen, and also iowa, the self-titled, and mate.feed.kill.repeat. are sooooo much better then the new one which is for some reason "vol. 3" when it should be 4 but it is corey taylor's 3rd album with slipknot so maybe he's got something to do with it
  • Preston from Loveland, CoPulse of the maggots is about doing anything for thier fans and the fans doing anything for slipknot its the best song ever and nobody should argue 666 for life maggots
  • Evan from Snohomish, WaTHis my not be info about the song, but this is one of the greatest songs ever because it's a song MADE FOR YOU (if your into slipknot... which i hope you are)
    peace MAGGOTS
  • Richard from Chino Hills, Cathis is our anthem

    stay sic maggots
  • Cyndi from Ft. Madison, Iaslipknot rocks, and so does this song, it was crazy to see this live too, the fans go wild, since this is our song
  • Mike from Lisbon, NdGreat song. i love the music in the begining how thet added the crowd shout. The maggot anthem.
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