Album: .5: The Gray Chapter (2014)
  • The song's title is a war cry. Frontman Corey Taylor explained to Kerrang!: "To me, I hear this song and I see us – and not to be weird – but charging down the hill towards the doubters, the naysayers, the people who might have thought that this band was down and out. It's us just saying, 'Nope- just when you thought you had a spirited out, we threw you for another loop, so here we come again, and you'd better prepare yourselves.'"
  • Taylor explained the meaning of the lyric "We are kill gods." "Basically (it) means that we destroy everything in our path that tries to bring us down," he said, "and this band is fairly notorious for rewriting its own history."

    "We killed the images behind us," he added, "and recreate them going forward."


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