• Slipknot drummer Chris Fehn (#3), says of "Surfacing": "It basically encompasses everything. Kind of encompasses the attitude of the band and the attitude of how we feel about life: Don't judge me. Everything that you think that you know about the world, and about Slipknot, and about your own life, might not be the case. So I think it's just openmindedness and just be cool." (Check out our interview with Chris Fehn.)
  • This song came about when the band went to Los Angeles for the first time for the Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat CD. They went to a party and there were some very stuck up people there, so Slipknot let them know how crazy the Midwest is. >>
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    Cyndi - Ft. Madison, IA
  • Former Slipknot bassist Paul Gray explained the meaning behind the chorus: "Basically, we dedicate it to the kids as their new national anthem. It's our way of saying don't worry about everybody else. Just worry about yourself. Don't worry about the people judging and the people coming down on you and all the fake crap. Stick to what you believe in."

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  • Zack from Noblesville, InThis should be the new National Anthem letting the rest of the world know: Don't f--k with America b/c we will prevail in war and in everything else!
  • Matt from Portsmouth, United KingdomSlayer have no rhythm, their guitar riffs, drumming and vocals are all over the place in their songs... apart from Raining Blood and Cult.

    Maggot till the end!
  • Steven from San Antonio, TxI agree with luke. Slipknot is good but they have nothing on slayer. Slayer made but the power riffs and power chords your hearing. So praise to your anthem but all praise be to slayer!!!!!!!!!!1
  • Andrew from Linmdenhurst, NyThis is one of there best songs they play live
  • Justin from Franklin, VaLuke shut up, everyone has their one "anthem" and this song might be his
  • Jerimias from Nuuk, GreenlandAfter I've listened to this song on a bad day, it's suddenly not a bad day anymore.! I feel crazy, careless and f*cking free!
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandMike, it's the phrase for metalheads under the age of 14 everywhere who haven't heard Slayer
  • Vanessa from Orlando, FlCorey wrote this song while he was on his graveyard shift at the adult emporium. He called his friend up and said I'm gonna be screaming this in front of kids and they'll be screaming it back at me. His friends are like yeah right, you'll be playing in bars for your whole life. Look where he is. THIS SONG IS YOUR NEW NATIONAL ANTHEM!
  • Sid from Desmoines, IaTHIS SONG IS YOUR NEW NATIONAL ANTHEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Jeremy from Laffeyette, LaYour just saying it is the new national anthem because he said it on the live the way i know I spelled Lafayette wrong
  • Jake from Milwaukee, Wione of my favorites by slipknot, personally, their version on slipknot 9.0 live, is really great, i love it.

    anything live by slipknot is really intense. seeing them live was really amazing. corey looked like a god up on stage, and when they played this song i went crazy.
  • Mike from Lisbon, NdA GREAT SONG, and as it has been called before, the new national f--king anthem. The chorus is like the phrase for all metal heads everywhere
  • Rob from Uniondale, Nythis song is awesome
  • George from Phx, Azthis song was writen in the studio when mick thompson made up the cool begin riff. the osng took like 5 minutes to write
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