Stand Inside Your Love

Album: Machina: The Machines Of God (2000)
Charted: 23


  • Billy Corgan (from VH1 Storytellers): "Every once in a while, a song comes, and it comes so fast that you can't even almost remember how it happened. And you almost feel kind of guilty because you almost feel like you don't own the song, of course you still take credit, but this song, Stand Inside Your Love, I had written the music, the song was a little different, it sort of was more new wave, and when the band first came back together to record the Machina album I sort of threw this up as an idea I had, and we tried to play it the new wave way and it didn't work. Suddenly it sort of mutated into what I would call "Classic Smashing Pumpkins" in the sense that it sounds like it could come from any album, and we immediately arranged the song top to bottom, so the song that you hear on the album is basically the same musical arrangement but I didn't really have a melody and I didn't have any words, and I went home that day thinking, "I really should try to write some words for this song, I really like it." I woke up the next morning, and I was reading a book, and all I had for the song was the line, "Who wouldn't stand inside your love," which, I can't say I really even knew what that meant at that particular moment, and it's the strangest feeling because all of a sudden it's like a faucet opens up in my head and suddenly I can understand the whole song, I see it all. So the lyrics to the song were, and I'm not joking when I say this, were literally written in 10 minutes. I have the sheet of paper that I wrote the lyrics on, and not one word is different, not one word was ever changed, and it all just came out in this stream of consciousness. To talk about what this song is about, it's probably one of the only love songs I've written. I dedicate it to my friend and partner, Yelena." >>
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    Todd - South Bend, IN
  • In the music video, (which is extremely bizarre), James Iha uses a violin bow to play a very odd looking guitar. This could be a reference to Jimmy Page, who sometimes played his guitar with a bow for Led Zeppelin.
  • The album title comes from an old Latin term used for certain kinds of stories or literature. The Latin is "Deus Ex Machina" (pronounced Doo eh machina) and refers to when a person is going to die or some tragedy befalls them, the gods come down and help them or make things work out. >>
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  • Dena from Nowhere To Be, NjThe question I pose is: who wouldn't be the one the song is dedicated to? If I had a magic lamp, I'd certainly wish that.
  • Frank from Toronto, CanadaDeus Ex Machina DOES refer to a god coming down to help out. It also refers to a god from a machine. In old latin and greek plays, they often resolved the plot by having a god come down and help the protagonist. The actor playing the god was lowered on a crane (machina), and the use of a sudden intervention to resolve a plot became known as a god from the machine. Also, sweet song and fun video.
  • Braden from Pittsburgh, PaDeus Ex Machina absolutely does not mean that the gods are going to help out, it refers to the concept of a god from a machine Deus: God, Ex: Of/From Machina: Machine.
  • Alex from Madrid, SpainOne of the greatest love songs ever. Only Corgan could write such a mind-blowing lyrics. Corgan Poet!!
  • Nathan from Bluehaven, AustraliaSupport vinyl craze in australia!
  • Matthew Doroshow from Philadelphia, PaThey also played an acoustic version of this song during their final tour, which is also on the Storytellers program. If you have never heard that version, check it out, it's great.
  • Peter from Buenos Aires, ArgentinaThis song is great, period.
  • Nick from Guildford, EnglandDeus Ex Machina in Latin is not pronounced "Doo eh machina", Latin is pronounced as it is spelt - "Day-us ex masheena".
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