So Many Pros


  • Snoop wrote this song with Pharrell Williams, whose original title was not exactly radio-friendly. Snoop told Pigeons and Planes why they changed it to "So Many Pros." "I blame that on Pharrell, he wrote the song 'So Many Hoes,' and once I spit it they was loving it, all the girls, but they wasn't paying attention to that," he explained. "And then P was like, 'We should change it to pros because all these pro athletes and sports people love you, and it could be on ESPN…' He just started thinking out of the box, but I was like, 'Ni--a, s--t, they like it when I call them hoes.'"

    "But I'm like, you know what, P knows what's best," Snoop continued. "You want me to put a suit and tie on and clean my face up, I'm gonna do that for you, 'cause you know what's best. That's what I love about him as a friend—he ain't afraid to challenge me. The average producer would've been like, 'Nah, leave that s--t like that," but he was like, 'Nah, I'm gonna challenge you to make that clean 'cause you grown now. You ain't 25 no more. You're 43, you got a daughter, and when we put it out this way it's gonna be accepted by the masses as opposed to it being minimized by that one word.'"
  • Looking for another song that substitutes "Pros" in the clean version? Check out "Area Codes," by Ludacris, where he's got "pros in every area code."


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