You Could Be Happy

Album: Eyes Open (2006)


  • This song, from the context and tone, is written to convey emotions felt after a failed relationship. It's about regret, feelings of hopelessness and desperation felt from losing someone to a bad fight. It's a final goodbye to someone you cared so much about but there is no way it will ever work. >>
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    michael - Olathe, KS

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  • Nathan Ritz from Paoli, InThis song reminds of i dont love you by my chemical romance
  • Jenny from Lagrange, IlThis is really a beautiful song, and very easy to relate to. As stated before, it's the feeling that comes after letting someone go that you were once very close to. There are those relationships where the other person becomes another part of you, and your lives begin to intertwine. Once it's over, it's hard to not have them in your life anymore; to not be a part of the happy moments, or be there for them at the worst. There are always regrets after a relationship ends, but I think this song really gets the message across.
  • Leanne from Dublin, Irelandi love this song!!!its amazing!! i think its just about regretting letting a loved one go and that they let them go without actually knowing what they wanted."do the things you always wanted to do without me there to hold you back" i think he is trying to say that he wants her to live the life she wants and have the best life because sadly its not with him and its sad because he wishes it was with her...
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