Kitchen Sink Drama

Album: The Art of Falling Apart (1983)
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  • "Kitchen Sing Drama" runs to 3 minutes 35 seconds. In a January 1983 interview with Melody Maker, Marc Almond said "One of my favourite subjects - the housewife. Again, the real sort of salt of the earth. People say, 'Oh, she's just a boring housewife.' But it's not true. Imagine being at home all day in your Barrett house, you're in your middle age and you're preparing the evening meal for your maybe very boring husband - who's not interested in you anymore" - and he's eyeing up other, younger, women. "It's that awful chauvinistic attitude that women have to be quiet, that they're there to do the housework, and that's all, that they don't have minds, that they don't have fantasies."

    David Ball added that he played the song to his mother, who said "Oh, this is nice", then he told her to listen to the words, "and the smile disappeared a bit which was good because it's actually achieving something." >>
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    Alexander Baron - London, England


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