Album: Echo of Miles: Scattered Tracks Across the Path (2014)


  • Originally recorded during the sessions for Soundgarden's 1996 album Down On The Upside, the song was finally included on Echo Of Miles: Scattered Tracks Across The Paths, a three-disc compilation that containing rarities from the band's history. "I'm shocked it didn't pop up on Down on the Upside, but that's probably another story," guitarist Kim Thayil said to Artist Direct with a laugh. "It was recorded and tracked then. There were things about the guitar performances I wasn't that happy with, but I could live with at the time. There were things about the vocal performances Chris (Cornell, vocals) wasn't happy with. However, Ben (Shepherd, bass) loved it, Matt (Cameron, drums) loved it, and Adam Kasper, our producer, loved it. It's one of Matt's favorite songs and one of Adam's. We hemmed and hawed. We never got around to mixing it. We just left it uncompleted. There wasn't enough enthusiasm to have it make it to the album with all of the material we had and were working with."

    "I was a little bit bummed because I wrote the music and Chris wrote the lyrics," Thayil added. "I think I only had one song on that album, which was a bit frustrating and disappointing, but here you go!"

    "This is probably one of the strongest songs that didn't make the record and certainly is probably stronger than many of the songs on the record," he continued. "Once Adam got around to mixing it in the past year, we realized how solid it was. Matt has always kept it in the forefront of his mind and would always mention it to us. So would Adam. They'd say, 'That's a special song. We have to do something with that.' It was a weird oversight due to self-criticism and self-conscious that we chose to look away from it. Given time, we realize what a gem it was."


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