Hot n Cold

Album: One of the Boys (2008)
Charted: 4 3


  • This tale of a neurotic ex-boyfriend was produced and co-written by Dr. Luke (Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson). The musician, songwriter and producer also performed the same duties on "I Kissed a Girl."

    Perry says the song is about a real guy - an ex-boyfriend who she could never get a read on. Said Perry, "One day this person would send me a text and I would be so thrilled about it because I had been waiting for some kind of sign - a smoke signal. He would be all interested and then I would just lose him, or one day he would want to see me and then one day he wouldn't. I didn't know what was wrong with him, if he was bipolar, or if he was wearing a mood ring. I took the theme and the song kind of spilled out of me."
  • Perry recorded a version of this song in Simlish for the computer game The Sims: Apartment: Life.
  • This topped the charts in many countries including Germany, where it stayed at #1 for 8 weeks, Canada, Holland, Russia and Turkey. It was what the music media calls a "Halo Hit," meaning it was released by a new artist soon after an initial hit, in this case "I Kissed a Girl." Digital distribution makes it possible to follow up a hit song very quickly, which the audience is looking for more material from an artist. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Bertrand - Paris, France
  • This ascended to the top 10 of the Adult Contemporary chart in its 34th week, marking the longest climb to the top 10 by a female artist. The only song to take longer was "Drops of Jupiter" by Train, which reached the Adult Contemporary top 10 in its 49th week in June 2002.
  • Perry recorded a segment for Sesame Street where she sang a modified version of this song to a very fickle Elmo. PBS decided not to air it when they determined that the gold bustier top Perry wore was too revealing.

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  • Ex-supply from Love, Loveadho This song is about a narcissist. Not sure if who wrote it knows the person is one, but they are definitely a narc.
  • John from ThereThis song is about me when we used too see each other when I was in the USMC...This wasnt even the worst time she flipped out me or like in this video -- tried to chase me down in the church parking lot when I was in a car, of course I got the cold feet when she picked the biggest freaking church in Jacksonville NC, but I only drove to the parking lot right beside it.. I sat there in my car for about 5-15 minutes watching her flip out!! by herself on the phone lol and then I finally got up too go over and talk to her..To be honest IDK if wh did or didn't get married after that but I think we did bc I told her I just need a minute & that I only drove next door...

    This is about the 2nd time I asked her to marry me, The 1st being & for a contract marrige in the USMC so I could get more money being married & be able to move off base. This time the 2nd time I asked her to marry me wasnt a legal by the STate marriage. It was only a marriage under God so I, we could have the Lord's blessing.

    But this song is "i wanna say" also about the time she flew to camp lejeune USMC base NC 4days before the Grammys...well, I got scared, nervous, crowds- combat PTSD & said nooooooooooo & backed out less than 4 days before the grammys...I have never never ever seen a woman or had a woman flip out on me & get sooooo mad...and this is where the LYRICS "you said no but you really wanted to go" and I did and thats what I told her...I was like woman ever since being deployed too Iraq I hate crowds, not matter if it is the Grammy's...Woman I want to go and all I want is your support & help coaxing me along, that's all....blah blah blah fighting still, we made up & I said yes & again I said then she took some fat guy... I a Marine, a normal guy from Kentucky broke it off with her 3 different times I think...I am still yet the only guy who wouldnt date katy perry for her money and fame....but we were meant for each other, we are each others true soul mates!!! matched up by God & if it wasnt for him we would have never met & she would have never picked me up @ the bar "o-house" in Jacksonville NC...that right!! I said she picked me up that night in the bar....this is all a true story otherwise I wouldnt be here a decade later telling yall.
  • Eduardo from Mexico City, MexicoHave you heard the version with The Baseballs? great one!
  • Emily from Around Chicago, IlI love this song!!! Am I the only one who stops whatever I'm doing when the song comes on to get up and dance?
  • Junita from Nowhereville, BcOMG! I am totally gonna burst into song at my wedding if the guy I'm marrying hesitates! LOL, hmmm... I'll probably do that even if he doesn't hesitate! LOL XD
  • Kayla from Ventura, CaThis song doesn't just pertain to guys though. Girls are hot and cold all the time. We're all socially bi-polar.
  • Mitchee from Cleveland, OhThis song can really tell how a guy can be!
  • Tatiana from Fredericton, NbI love this song!This song is like

    totally real about boys!Dont you think so?
  • Madalyn from Greensburg, Pai had a ex boyfriend just like that...the picture for the single should be his fugly face. lol
  • Paulina from Santiago, Chile"Perry recorded a version of this song in Simlish for the computer game The Sims: Apartment: Life."

    woo nice.. its a shame I dont have that game hehe

    I like the beat of the song, and what it says, well its.. frustrating when living it, I supposse hehe
  • Abby from Doona, TxIts crazy how many girls have guy problems!
  • Meghan from Haight-ashbury, CaI love this song. It so true!
  • Don from B G, KyShe performed this on TV's TONIGHT SHOW on 10-6-08. She wore a dress with a giant strawberry on the front of it.
  • Rose from St.louis, Mothis is funny, because my boyfriend just broke up with me just after he told me he liked me a lot.... I love how well I can relate to her songs
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