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Album: The Avengers Soundtrack (2012)


  • Soundgarden's first new song in 15 years is this midtempo track that was written by the band specifically for the soundtrack to Marvel's The Avengers film. Lyrically, the track has a solar theme like their best known tune, "Black Hole Sun." The group's last album was released in 1996, although they officially reunited in 2010 and had started touring in the summer of 2011. The song was debuted via Seattle rock station KISW on April 4, 2012.
  • During an interview with KROQ's Kevin & Bean at the time of the song's debut, frontman Chris Cornell recalled the recording of the track: "We've been working on a new album for a while and it's taken a while because we've ended up touring a few times in the middle of writing it and recording it," he said. "We're pretty much done with that. We're at the mixing stage of it and then this idea came up that we'd contribute a song for the Avengers film and so it's actually the newest song that we have… let's take a song we've been working on for the album… but none of them were really right, which happens sometimes, so we thought, let's do another one. That's the beauty of it."
  • This was the first Soundgarden track to be written for a movie, though Cornell had previously contributed tracks to films such as Mission Impossible II ("Mission"), Casino Royale ("You Know My Name") and Machine Gun Preacher ("The Keeper").
  • The song was made available as a free download on iTunes beginning April 17, 2012, as part of the promotion of the The Avengers movie.
  • Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Cornell said the song did not come easily. "This song came arduously," he said. "It's different, because it has to be a Soundgarden song. It has to resonate with every band member. Writing a song for the Avengers film, it has to be lyrically not specific to the movie or the story, but it has to work with it. It wasn't so easy. But it turned out absolutely a Soundgarden song."
  • Speaking with Digital Spy, bassist Ben Shepherd discussed the difficulties of recording material for a different audience. He said: "I personally never think about what studios or people like that want, but they said it couldn't be as extremely hardcore as some Soundgarden material. We didn't want to scare off families, so it had to be toned down a little."

    "But it was fine," he added. "The lyrics are still beautiful, powerful and dark. We're probably the darkest band to ever be associated with Disney. It sounds like Soundgarden to me."


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