One Minute of Silence

Album: Ultramega OK (1988)


  • Based on John Lennon and Yoko Ono's "Two Minutes of Silence," this song really is a minute of silence - mostly. There are some muffled background noises and a finger snap mixed in. Asked why they did it, the band explained that they had a minute to fill on the record. Guitarist Kim Thayil has called it "the Heavy Metal version" of Lennon's silence. "We thought it was so good, we could add a little something to it," he said, jokingly.
  • Lead singer Chris Cornell says covering this song was ideal because "you can't copyright silence."

Comments: 2

  • Anthony from Vancouver, WaOne minute of silence, I think not! they recorded this in a room where there is an air conditiioner emmiting noise, and they are arguing the entire time. but it was funny, so that doesn't matter.
  • Marco from Stanfield, United Statesif you turn the volume up a good amount or use headphones you can hear them arguing in the background. you can hear who hiro saying "quit messing with my watch g** da** it!" then someone else says "isnt this only supposed to be a minute?" right afterwords the track ends.
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