Excess Baggage

Album: Dysfunction (1999)
  • This is a hidden track on the Dysfunction album, which was Staind's first major release. It can be found by fast-forwarding through a long moment of silence (about 10 minutes) at the end of "Spleen." At first you hear Aaron Lewis in the background pouring himself a drink. He then continues to play this song. He was most likely unaware of the fact he was being recorded at that time.
  • This is often mistaken for "Black Rain" which a completely different Staind song. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Ryan - Mobile, AL, for above 2

Comments: 3

  • Lukas from Germany This song is a clear explanation for depression. Every word is a part how a depression person think. I would say this song could be dangerous if you are in the wrong mood.
    But it could also help to release some of the pain.
    It belongs to my top 10 staind songs.
  • Eddy from Forest Park, Gathis song is the same as black rain. Black Rain is the name of it on the European release
  • David from Hanove, WvThis is a great song to do what Aaron did while recording it..Pour yourself a drink, kick back, and let your mind pilfer through the pain and agony that he portrays in his voice..I love this song..Im listening to it now..
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