A Thousand Trees

Album: Word Gets Around (1997)
Charted: 22
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  • This song was inspired by a football coach falsely accused of improperly touching the kids in the team and how a false accusation tars others with the same brush. Hence the (metaphorical) lyrics: "It only one tree to make a thousand matches, only takes one match to burn a thousand trees." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Greg - Wrexham, Wales
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  • Mia from Dunstable, United KingdomI couldn't work out if the original person had abused their position (and the girl) or if it was just about malicious accusations. But, after reading the above comments, I think it's about how, after one person abuses their position of trust, others working with children and vulnerable people find themselves having to be careful about how they talk to, touch (innocently) or help those they work with as every action is open to misinterpretation by a suspicious public. And this suspicious nature can easily lead to wrongful accusations, not necessarily malicious. Like Boy in the Photograph, A Thousand Trees deals with a difficult subject but sounds so beautiful!
  • Karl from Ingatestone, United Kingdomhe got jailed for it, that football manager, i mean where was this! Stereophonics make me hover
  • Madeleine from Caerdydd, United KingdomAmazing song. One of Stereophonic's best.
  • Bryan from Cwmaman, United KingdomWasnt falsely accused mate he did it and got jailed for it.
    Used to live next door to my gran and took me football training too!!
  • Nick from Cambridge, EnglandAmazing song, unusualy with a message you should remember. Normaly "message songs" just talk about specific situations.
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