Album: Neon Future I (2014)
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  • This is the opening track of Neon Future I, a concept album about a future where people have merged with technology. "Conceptually, it's based around a positive outlook towards a utopian future," Aoki explained to MTV News. "Ideas of living forever are real and nano-technology, artificial intelligence and all those concepts are happening."
  • Transcendence is the concept of rising above human knowledge to the extent where you are independent of the material universe, beyond all physical laws. This song features the voice of Ray Kurzweil. Aoki explained to Billboard magazine: "Kurzweil is the man pushing the concept of [technological] singularity. He believes that we'll reach it in our lifetime."

    "I interviewed him," he added, "took one of the voice bites from our interview and I wrote a bed of music underneath him talking about Neon Future."
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