Mojave Phone Booth

Album: Projector (2011)


  • Barton was inspired to write this song after reading about a phone booth in the middle of the Mojave Desert that was removed several years ago. People would call the booth for fun and then wait for someone to pick it up. Steve Barton explained his thinking on the unique subject to us in 2012, saying: "I just thought that was really evocative in the middle of the desert to have a phone booth."
  • Most of the Projector album was written and recorded on the fly. Barton explained that this song was done in one take, saying, "I think we did a second take and it wasn't nearly as good. So that was just one take and it was kind of magic."
  • For the recording of this song, Barton played two bass drums at the same time, one of them with a rattling type of snare sound on it. Steve told us that he would have to sit there with his guitar and wait for his cue to hit the drums. The two were connected by a special pedal that allowed him to use his foot to hit both at once.
  • This song is one of the oldest on Barton's Projector album. It was written while his dad was in that hospital, unlike most songs on the disc which were actually written after his father passed away.


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