Rooms On Fire

Album: The Other Side Of The Mirror (1989)
Charted: 16 16


  • This song was inspired by the British producer Rupert Hine. In the liner notes of her TimeSpace album, Nicks explained: "The night I met Rupert Hine was a dangerous one. He was different from anyone else I had ever known. He was older, and he was smarter, and we both knew it. I hired him to do the album before we even started talking about music. It seemed that we had made a spiritual agreement to do a magic album... in a fabulous Dutch castle, at the top of the mountain. We recorded it in the formal dining room where upon the walls hung all these very old and expensive pieces of art - looking at us - we were never alone. It always seemed to me that whenever Rupert walked into one of these old, dark castle rooms, that the rooms were on fire. There was a connection between us that everyone around us instantly picked up on, and everyone was very careful to respect our space... our 'TimeSpace,' so we all lived at the castle for about four-and-a-half months. I went home with him to England to mix the album at his studio - he left in December. I joined him there in London in January. He left immediately for his studio, Farmyard Studios, somewhere outside London. It was like being in a cottage in Wales, it was a little spooky. The atmosphere was like nothing I had ever experienced. Then something happened to him that simply made it impossible for us to ever be together again. I left him there... the rooms were still burning, but the fire had been stolen from us. It wasn't over love. In fact, it had nothing to do with love. It was just a bad situation. I came back to Los Angeles, a very changed woman. And now, long nets of white cloud my memory. Now I remember the rooms, the music, and how truly magic the whole thing was...
    'Alright, said Alice, I'm going back...
    To the other side of the mirror.'
    'What price love... What price glory...'"

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  • Angela from MnDoes anyone know who played her love interest in the video? He looks so familiar.
  • Michael from London, United KingdomThis was Stevie's only major UK hit. It got loads of airplay and she made several TV appearances. Sadly, it was also around the time of her last solo UK tour.
  • Christopher L. from Fort Worth, TxI've always been a Stevie fan including her years with Fleetwood Mac...I don't however care for that bitch Christine Mcvie.
  • Lynsey from St Helens, United KingdomI love this song by Stevie Nicks its my favourite song of all time, I love the music and words it reminds me off walking into a crowded room and meeting him from across the room and you feel that you know this person even though you have never met.
  • Kali from South Australia, AustraliaI like this song. Im not sure how it fits with the above description tho
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