Album: Stone Temple Pilots (2010)
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  • Stone Temple Pilots guitarist Dean DeLeo commented to on this song: "It's psychedelic, man. It's fun, poppy, light-hearted, totally grooving - the flipside to STP that we don't often show people."
  • Stone Temple Pilots marked the first time that Dean DeLeo and his bassist brother Robert had written together since Army of Anyone's self-titled album in 2006. Dean explained to "We were working on the song, and during a dinner break my brother Robert grabbed a Tele and asked Eric (Kretz, drummer) to lay down a single beat, and in a matter of minutes they had the song tracked. It's pretty much my brother's song. Even though I play the solo on the record, Robert wrote it. The whole thing is very joyous."
  • The DeLeo brothers told Spin magazine how the songs for Stone Temple Pilots came together.

    Dean: "They just began as things that I've stumbled upon. That's what music is for me. I never sit down to write. I'm just hit with something and it happens very fast, very easy. If I try to sit down and write, it doesn't really happen. The album is a mix of songs we've been kicking around for a little while and others that we've written more recently, most on while on tour."

    Robert: "There's no rules to writing songs. I try to be the best person I can be in life, but there's always times when I feel like I want to walk off a cliff. And if I don't walk off the cliff, at least I go visit the cliff and that's where I choose to write songs. It makes for good songs. There are many different aspects in life to absorb from and extract from. Being on the cliff always seems to be the best place for me."
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