Dead & Bloated


  • The first track on the debut Stone Temple Pilots album Core, "Dead & Bloated" seems to be about feeling betrayed in a relationship. "I am trampled under soles of another man's shoes because I walked to softly" could mean how he never stuck up for himself in arguments. "And she says it's natural," means how she feels about the whole thing.

    These interpretations are not what Scott Weiland had in mind when he wrote the lyric though. "It's not really about anything," he said in his Songfacts interview. "It's just stream-of-consciousness words. I mean, at the age of 21, 22, I didn't have a whole lot of life experiences. So it's more about the vibe, the angst and that kind of a thing."
  • When Stone Temple Pilots toured with Linkin Park on the 2001 Family Values tour, Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington would often join them to perform this song. Bennington and the band became good friends, and he took over as Stone Temple Pilots lead singer in 2013. "When it came time to pick a new frontman, a new singer for the band, once the name Chester popped in, there was no one else we were thinking about," STP drummer Eric Kretz said in his Songfacts interview.

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  • Gordon from N.c.Not sure, but I think the singer of S.T.P. got the lyrics "I smell like a rose on my birth day death bed" from a guy named Wade long before he sang it, said he was having a time finding solid words to right, could be wrong.
  • Sandy from Tulsa, OkIn my mind its meaning is clear. Your birthday you are born to innocence , a life of innocence. Until you lose your virginity, that innocence is dead. A right of passage into adulthood. "Birthday deathbed" He has feelings for this girl, and it scares him, when she peaks he wants to run. The seriousness of the situation, of possibly children, or marriage. She says its natural- she must have not been a virgin (She has been there). Run through the world thinking about tomorrow, how most feel when taking the next step in a fragile new relationship. Also you can't swallow what I am thinking- There is an overwhelming feeling of am I ready for children, marriage or commitment or is this just lust? His feelings were strong for her and she moved on to someone else- so he smells like a rose- no guilt. She moved on-I am trampled under the soles of another mans shoes. He took too long to commit- Guess I walked too softly. So when she left him he felt Dead, and she left him so easily he felt dead and bloated- a metaphor for being left quickly and it sickens him. I like to believe it is about young love. He did say it was written from when he was 21-22 years "With not a lot of life experience" and pre drug addiction. I think interpretation is a beautiful thing, everyone can put there spin on it. That is what makes music great. For me it is a song of love and lost love.
  • Norman from Tulsa OkThis song is about the first time he had sex with someone and fell in love. I am smelling like the roses that somebody gave me on my birthday deathbed. Had sex in the bed first time he felt alive now he is young lying in the same bed feeling dead inside. Oh yeah, and she says it's natural
    I feel I've come of age
    When she peeks I start to run. he is nervous about it===== then you have you can't swallow what I'm thinking later in the song he says when I run through the world I think about tomorrow. implying his heart is on his sleeve and he ran off into the woods with ideas of what their life could be like together. Trampled under sole of another man's shoes is saying she left him for someone else which is why he is "dead and bloated"

    Nothing to to with abortions or anything just a metaphorical love song.
  • Cyan from Rio Vista, CaNot as good as "Interstate Love Song" or "Coma," but it's okay.
  • Chase from Nashville, TnTHIS SONG IS NOT ABOUT DRUGS OR HEROIN. Scott has clearly said many times that CORE and LIBERTAD are the only albums he's written SOBER. On wiki it says "The song has a meaning about betrayal in a relationship."
  • Jamie from Granite Falls, NcYeah it is a very good song and Im not one of those people that think every song is about drugs but i think this song is about battleing heroin addiction.
  • Carlos from Austin, TxIt is a pro-life song. The author of this poem/lyrics jumps from perspectives, i.e., first person (himself), and the third person (a male baby). He jumps from post abortion to pre abortion time in the eyes of the baby.
    The unborn baby perspective:
    "I am smellin' like the rose that somebody gave me on my birthday deathbed 'cause I'm dead & bloated." This is self explanatory when seen through the eyes of an aborted baby, i.e, "birthday deathbed"."Ohh yeah, and she says it's natural I feel I've come of age when she peeks I start to run" Before the abortion, the baby who is an individual that has "come of age", i.e., a zygote at conception, realizes that his "mother" has rationalized the abortion: "she says it's natural" and fears his own mother, i.e, " I start to run" "when she peeks" i.e., she contemplates her "choice". "I am trampled under sole of another man's shoes, guess I walked too softly" It is deduced that this is a male baby as he refers to "another man's". This statement illustrates how the pro- abortion movement deems the remains of the aborted baby as merely trash i.e., "trampled under sole of another man's shoes". The innocent, helpless, voiceless baby wonders what he could have done to save his life: "guess I walked too softly." The author's perspective: "You can't swallow what I'm thinkin', I run through the world thinkin' 'bout tomorrow." The author is sensitive to this issue, and understands that, generally, the consensus is that many do not share his convictions and realizes that this will adversely affect the world at large in the future.
  • John from Hendersonville, NcMy personal favorite STP song. Very good live, if you get a chance to hear it.
  • Bryan from Parma, OhIs it just me, or does anyone think the song is about sex or masturbation?

    Either way, great song. One of my favorites from STP. Everyone says Plush, but this and Big Empty are my top two.
  • Jill from Dumfries, VaThis song is a different style than plush, but they're both very reminds me alot of "down".
  • Markus from La, CaScott Weiland came up with the main riff to this song. To convey the riff to the rest of the band, he used his voice to approximate how he heard the guitar parts sounding a la Beavis and Butthead: Dat-dah, da-da-da-da-da...etc

    This was from a guitar magazine interview with Dean or Robert DeLeo.
  • Spog Zallagi from Blue Hill, Methey say "I run through the world thinkin' 'bout tomorrow, thinkin' 'bout tomorrow" a little too much. Other than that it's a great song.
  • Adrian Martin from Brookings, SdCertainly has a driving riff, but it's a very repetitive song. It gets tiring after a while.
  • Cris from Whittier, CaGood song but plush is better
  • Cel from Philadelphia, PaThis song is way better than Plush. One of STP's best.
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandJust listened to this again after a while - I take back my previous comments... This is every bit as good as Plush
  • Brian from Fairborn, Ohthis song should of been on STP's greatest hits album!
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandVERY good song... Not as good as Plush but a VERY good song
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