Album: Robbin' The Hood (1994)
  • In this song, Sublime lead singer Brad Nowell makes a play on words, with "hit" referencing a hit of heroin, the drug that would kill him in 1996. Here, he sings:

    Load the box and I'll pump that s--t
    but I got my greatest hit
  • Brad Nowell mentioned "The Ziggens" a few times in this song. The Ziggens are a Southern California band that Brad really enjoyed (they were signed to Sublime's independent label, Skunk Records). Nowell also mentioned Bert Susanka, the singer for The Ziggens, in the line, "I think that Bert Susanka made me drink."

    Sublime sampled The Ziggens' song "Outside" on "Smoke Two Joints" (originally written and performed by reggae band The Toyes) and covered "Big Salty Tears," which was released on an acoustic album in 1998. The Ziggens contributed a track to the 2005 Sublime tribute album Look at All the Love We Found; Bert Susanka later formed Volcano with Sublime drummer Bud Gaugh and sound engineer Miguel Happoldt, along with Curt Kirkwood of the Meat Puppets. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Jules - W. Bloomfield, MI, for above 2
  • The intro guitar riff and various elements in this song are taken from Yellowman's 1982 song "Zungguzungguguzungguzeng." >>
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    Joseph - Newport News, VA
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Comments: 11

  • Joe from Somewhere, CtThis song is about blasting one of his favorite bands on a boombox, obviously while pretty messed up in the STP. You load the box with a cassette. The only reference to heroin one could really make is the depression he's feeling in the morning but that's a bit of a stretch.
  • Dulin from Brimingham, EnglandThe Lyric:
    "Load the Box and I'll pump that s*!t"
    Is not about heroin or any type of drug. its about a personal stereo system invented in the mid-seventies; something called the "Boom Box."
    Load the boom box and I'll pump the music. Not every sublime song is exclusively about drugs.
  • Pedro from Chula Vista, Caryan, you're right. it is about songs and not drugs. Sublime themselves have talked about that in many an interview. But the last "chorus" that you're talking ain't a chorus and he says "it's the ziggens greatest hits"
  • Wendie from Houston, TxI thought loading the box referred to weed, isn't that where like everyone keeps their stash? Plus he mentions being stoned anyway, so yeahh...
  • Peter from Penistown, IlWait, couldn't greatest hits be a reference to taking hits from a bong? just guessing.
  • Hahahah! from Port Saint Lucie, FlActually he put alot of references about heroin in his songs. He believed heroin increased his artistic capabilty and used famous examples of rockstars to justify it.
  • Ryan from Lanesborough, MaThe song isn't about heroin...

    'Load the box and I'll pump that sh*t, I got my greatest hits' is a jukebox reference, the songs about getting wasted and listening to music, you'll notice the last chorus he says 'Got the Ziggens greaest hit' instead of 'my greatest hits'

    not every song he wrote, not even a lot of his songs have to do with heroin...
  • Tawni from Bellflower, Cais that supposed to be a good thing?
  • Kim from Stuart, FlHuh, I always thought the line was "Load the box and I'm drunk as s--t," and I took it to be a happy-go-lucky tune about getting totally off your face and singing along to your favorite songs. I'll have to take another look at the lyrics.
  • Izzie from Lala, Hianother one of sublimes fantastic songs!
  • Tessa from Ottawa, CanadaLoad the box and I'll pump that sh*t/but I got my greatest hit
    Always reminds me of my boyfriend...
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