Album: Coming Up (1997)
Charted: 9


  • Though Suede's guitarist on their first two albums, Bernard Butler, lived a stones throw from the band's co-writer, vocalist Brett Anderson, he elected to send his demos by post. Following Butler's less-than-amicable departure, Suede hired 17-year-old fan Richard Oakes to help write the band's third album Coming Up. Anderson told the NME how this altered the band's song writing process: "Before it had always been that Bernard would send me a piece of music and I'd write the vocal melody and I'd write the lyrics. But with Coming Up onwards I was much more involved with the writing of the music. 'She' and 'Filmstar' have this really simple double-beat rhythm. I just was round at Richard's flat and clapped my hands and sang 'Filmstar, nah nah nah' and he wrote his guitar part around that. It was much more about the exchanging of ideas."


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