I Don't Know How To Reach You

Album: Night Thoughts (2016)


  • Several of the songs on Night Thoughts were inspired by Suede frontman Brett Anderson's relationship with his children and how that mirrors his own relationship with his parents. He told NME: "Having a child myself made me think about my role as a son. Songs like 'I Don't Know How To Reach You' are almost a comment on my and my own father's relationship, how these relationships break down. Inevitably there's an element of looking back at the past."
  • Anderson told The Sun: "Lots of the songs on the album, like 'I Don't Know How To Reach You,' are from my father's point of view about losing touch with me. How as you get older and you are not a little boy anymore and go into teenagehood, your relationship with your parents changes. Mine certainly did. I was a grumpy teenager."
  • Brett Anderson told Mojo: "'I Don't Know How To Reach You' is almost from my own father's perspective, addressing this fear of losing contact with his son. Parenthood gave me something to access that wasn't this over-Xeroxed version of what Suede songs should be about. It's awakened all these memories, things I haven't felt about 30, 40 years. Just lifting your kid up under his arms, I felt this ghost doing the same for me."


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