March of the Dogs

Album: Underclass Hero (2007)


  • "March of the Dogs" is an anti-George W. Bush song written by Sum 41's Deryck Whibley. The lyrics slam the former president and his fellow politicians: "March of the dogs to beat of disillusion, sworn under God, breeding panic and confusion. The white flag is down, send in the clowns. The carnival of sins is now about to begin."
  • Deryck Whibley claims he was threatened with deportation after an American journalist took offense to the lyrics of this track. The journo apparently petitioned to Congress' House Minority Leader to have Whibley and his Canadian band mates banned from the US. Whibley told Kerrang: "The reporter went to the House Minority Leader who tried to have me deported. He was trying to say I was threatening the president." The journalist was said to have disapproved of the following lines: "Ladies and gentlemen of the underclass. The president of the United States of America is dead. And now the president's dead, because they blew off his head. No more neck to be red, I guess to heaven he fled."
  • The track appears on Sum 41's fourth album, Underclass Hero, which is a play on the title of John Lennon's hit, "Working Class Hero." Whibley told Sun Media that the album "reflects the confusion and frustration in modern society." He also stated that "March of the Dogs" is "lyrically one of the more political songs that are on the album."
  • Sum 41 made "March of the Dogs" available for download a few weeks prior to the official release of Underclass Hero. Whibley said at the time: "This is just one of our favorite songs on the album so we wanted to give you it to you early since the record won't be out until the summer."


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