My Bed


  • This song written in 2008 by Sunny Sweeney with Pistol Annies Angaleena Presley and Ashley Monroe finds the singer admitting to the role she played in the ending of her first marriage. "There were obvious issues and stuff and it just didn't work," she recalled to Rolling Stone. "I was the one who didn't want to stay married anymore. Even being the one that wanted the divorce, I was still so torn up over it. I still did my shows and I still wrote a bunch of songs during that time, but it was the most emotionally draining thing I've ever been through."

    Admitting that as she heard the footsteps of her former husband coming up to the bedroom, she would close her eyes pretending to be asleep, Sweeney said, "You just know when you're done. It's just sad and it's tough and you can't make that a good situation. You can't be like, 'Oh, it was great while it lasted.' Because when it ends it sucks. There's no way around it."
  • The song is a duet with Nashville-based singer-songwriter Will Hoge, who is best known for recording the original version of Eli Young Band's hit single, "Even If It Breaks Your Heart." Sweeney was originally going to record this solo. "My manager said, 'What would you think about doing that song as a duet?" she said. "I asked who he was thinking, and he said 'Will Hoge would be really cool,' and I just stopped him in his tracks and said, 'If you can make that happen, I'm in.' I think he is so amazing. I love his singing and I love his writing."

    "I ran to the studio a couple of days later and listened to him sing on it," Sweeney added, "and it completed the song for me."
  • It was Sweeney's producer Luke Wooten who suggested having an accordion on the track. Sweeney recalled to The Boot: "At first he said, 'I don't know, you think?' And I said, 'I don't know, just as a padding it might be cool and kinda sound creepy and sad.' Then we put it on there, and now it's, to me, the most significant part of that track. I love the accordion on there."
  • The music video, which was directed by Michael Poncé, finds Sweeney and Hoge playing a couple whose marriage is failing. "Sunny has one of the finest voices around. I love her songs and how they always seem to paint a picture," Hoge said. "The video perfectly captures the true sadness of a relationship falling apart right before your eyes. She's also someone I consider a close friend, so the opportunity to get to work with her on this track was an absolute no-brainer for me."


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