On Fire

Album: The Beautiful Letdown (2003)


  • This song is about keeping the faith, in people and in our religions. It gives the message that there is always someone there to listen, either physically or spiritually. Jon Foreman, who is Switchfoot's lead singer and also writes their lyrics, tells us that many of his songs come from another place and "have little to do with me." Said Foreman: "It's like the inspiration carries the idea all the way through to completion, and my fingerprints don't mess it up along the way. For me, those are the good ones, the ones that come really naturally. There are certain songs that you rework and rewrite and the craft becomes very evident, but a lot of times those aren't my favorite songs. The favorite songs are the ones that I can't even hear my own voice in." (Here's the interview with Jon Foreman.)

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  • Dev from Someplace, Lawell, i think that this song refers to how there are so many people who tell us so many different things, what to do and where to be and when, and that when God speaks, it is beautiful and puts everything into perspective. The "fire" is definitely the fire of the Holy Spirit, consuming the person in awe and wonder when He's near you and when He speaks.
  • Carly from Melbourne, Australialove
  • Dana from Manassas, VaI think this song is about personal spirituality. Sometimes we are told what to believe, when to go to church, how to live our lives. But Christianity is more then that. This song is about the feeling of having the Spirit in your heart.
  • Matthew from Milford, MaOh, yes... where can I find this song?
  • Jenni from Nowhere, OhThis 'fire' is in reference to the Holy Spirit/ Holy Ghost.
  • Amanda from Sdovuhsd, MiI always thought this song was about his girlfriend being mad at him--"you're on fire burning at me.."
  • Marvelboy_04 from Nc, NcThis is a song about being at one with through the Holy Spirit.
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