Violent Pornography

Album: Hypnotize (2005)


  • This contains similar themes to System Of A Down song "Vicinity Of Obscenity," but is more in depth and attacks television as a main source of distribution. Violent pornography is a new trend, especially in Internet porn. There are multiple web sites dedicated to it, and if you actually watch this material you can see how misguided, drugged-up, lied to, and manipulated the "actresses" really are. It delivers the same affect to the opposite gender; a false view of women.
  • The song implies that organized religion, our food supply, the force feeding of entertainment (in a restaurant - play music, in an office - feed em' magazines, in your house blare the TV, fill the mailbox with crap; fill your mind with crap), is all intended to prevent you from having a relationship with God and knowing the truth; that your life has a purpose above obtaining material goods. That there is a force out there with the intention of controlling your mind. >>
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  • Bradley from VirginiaYes Daniel it is cringe
  • Daniel from Winchester, OhioMy comment from years ago is so cringe...
  • Gunnar from Ephrata, WaWell said Mike from Garden Grove, CA.
  • Dale from New Orleans, LaEverybody please take a moment to go down a read what - Scott, Annapolis, MD had to say. I think we can all agree that he is without a doubt, the smartest person ever. Totally joking, of course. That was retarded on every level.
  • Carrie from Pittsburgh, PaI was eating Nilla wafers and it said Nabisco on the box and it reminded me of this song. I love this song and I love SOAD!
    ~SOAD 4ever
  • Daniel from Winchester, OhHere's the Nabisco part!!! A part of Nabisco's profits is funded/donated to pornography. Hence the lyrics, bet you it's nabisco, bet you didnt know. So next time you buy some nabisco cookies, REMEMBER!
  • Poisonedv from Chicago, IlIt's a song about Videodrome.
  • Cortney from Grand Junction, Cothis song really does explane the corruption of america!rock on serj,daaron,shavo and john
  • Matt from Loxley, Ali think that this song explains the corruption of america and how most of it is from the TV.
  • Andrew from Easton, PaI agree with this song alot, like Vicinity of Obscenity. Pornography can close your openness with God and make you less spiritual. I guess its the guilt you get.
  • Liquid Len from Ottawa, CanadaBlake, the song does NOT say that television is why people have sex. It is about how television manipulates and feeds images to people, not for peoples' good either. Sounds to me like this song confronts you with this reality, and you don't like it, so you start the knee-jerk strawman arguments.
  • Blake from Hamilton, Oh.This is one of the SOAD songs I don't agree with. It's saying how "Television" is why sex is so high. Let me say one thing. First of all, there was a LOT of people having sex like crazy before TV was created. Second of all, the 70's was the worst time for sex. Thrid of all, people have sex on instinct and hormones, not TV....that's about ignorant.
  • Ej from Tampa, FlHere's the Nabisco part!!! A part of Nabisco's profits is funded/donated to pornography. Hence the lyrics, bet you it's nabisco, bet you didnt know. So next time you buy some nabisco cookies, REMEMBER!
  • Elysha from Montclair, Ca"Non-stop Disco bet you its Nabisco, bet you didnt know whooho" While driving around my friends and I thought this song was about how the war has become such a household idea (Nabisco) and how we're blinded by all the tinier aspects of the war (disco..)
  • Scott from Annapolis, MdMy opinion on the "Nonstop disco, bet you it's Nabisco" is that there are white crackers (a white person, opposite of the N- word) do alot of the porn and SOAD assumed that. However, that is just my opinion. Hard to explain, and I am not good at explaining.
  • Smoker from Home, MoThis song has absolutely nothing to do with god. The mere fact that it is even posted on this page make me laugh. It's anti-media. TV (especially news) gets your attention with violence and sex, the more brutal or risque, the better. Somehow, just because people see what they like, they allow their minds to be controlled by it. Stop watching TV, read a book.
  • Tony from Chicago, IlCan anyone explain "NONSTOP DISCO, BET YOU IT'S NABISCO?" i'm having a hard time understanding that.
  • Cecily from ---, RiFirst of all, this is an awesome song. To me, it says that everyone does that stuff, but it is taken too far on TV and in the media. "It's a non-stop disco" could mean that the media brainwashing will go on forever. I think it says that sodomy and all that fun happy stuff is in the media just to get people's attention. It's really just mindless stuff. But I can also see the point that Mike is making, that just TV uses violence and sex to apeal to people. This song is going against the media, especially in the last few lines: "It's a violent pornography, choking chicks, and sodomy, the kind of sh*t you get on your TV. It's on the TV. F*CK! Turn off the TV! Can you say brainwashing?..." I think this song is saying how the media needs to be ignored (Turn off the TV!), because it brainwashes people (Can you say brainwashing?). Another statement about the media is made in Hypnotize. "They disguise it, hypnotize it, television made you buy it." They both are putting down the media. Hypnotize says how it controls people into doing things that aren't individual, unique, or new, trends, fads, while Violent Pornography is saying that all this crud is on TV brainwashing people into thinking it's okay.
  • Petrified Monkey from South Park, CoThe "Everybody, Everybody, Everybody liven.." Part is tellesion trying to convince you that everyone whose alive now is f*cking, s*cking,etc
  • Alex from St Louis, Mook this was made before vicinity of obsecenity so i believe that vicinity of obscenity has qualities similar to violent pornography
  • Matt from Fort Myers, FlThis bad activity brainwashes you into thinking this activity is Ok.
  • Matt from Fort Myers, FlEverybody lives, dies, sucks, and f***s. That is a part of life. But they are saying that people take it too far with sodomy and gagging. They also say that some of this stuff gets on TV. No one has a problem with that. But people get all bent out of shape when you say F**k on TV. They are right.
  • Dalan from St. George, Utthis is one of my favorite songs ever, but its on mesmerize, not hypnotize.
  • Joe Bobson from Madrid, Spaini cant belive how awesomely increadible this song is ROCK ON SOAD!
  • Mike from Garden Grove, CaI don't think that they're talking about "Violent Pornography" as in the trend of internet porn. It means that the media mainly only uses "Violence" and "Sex" to appeal to people. Which is how the came up with the metaphor that TV is just simply "Violent Pornography".
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