Great Romances Of The 20th Century

Album: Tell All Your Friends (2002)


  • This is about a guy who loves this girl but is picking up flaws in their relationship. He wants to stay with her but he us running out of sympathy for her, while she just wants it to be a quickie in general. He finds it hard to be with her and realizes that he shouldn't be with someone who takes advantage of him, but he still would do anything to be with her. >>
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  • The title is a reference to a television show that profiled celebrity couples. Like many Taking Back Sunday songs, it is not mentioned in the lyrics.

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  • Mackswell from Endicott, NyThis song (along with Sic Transit) is written from the point of view of a boy with a girl that wants to sleep with him. He is thinking far too deep into it and it is ruining their relationship. Just do it. What are you thinking? What would your grandfather think? Everyone needs to balance their emo intake with hip hop. "Take advice from a player, don't love her just play her." In 2013 more than ever, most women are thinking the same thing, or worse.
  • Mackswell from Endicott, NyMore than ten years later, I think the meaning of the lyrics are mute. This era of modern rock was led by boys who were more sensitive than their girls. For example, Sic Transit Gloria and more recently, Matt Nathanson's 'Modern Love' sum it up. TBS and brand new both spent half of their time singing about how good they are with women and the other half about heart break. There's no deeper meaning to these 24-year-old's lyrics and no woman wants a man more emotional than she.

  • Mariah from Philly, Pathis is random but adam kinda looks like derek whilbey from sum41 in this video.
  • Ervo from Muncie, Ini def agree with Ty, he seemed to hit it right on the head in my opinon.
  • Melissa from , Nyi LOVE this song and i LOVE john nolan in the music video. He looked sooo hot. I think that he was amazing and should never have left the band. I think this song is hard to tell what the meaning is. But it sounds like she is playing games with his mind. If it means what michelle is saying, then why would he be asking her if she is turned on? I think that he is the one pressuring her " you always come close, but it never comes easy." "she says come on come on lets just get this over with" means she is finally caving into having sex with him. But it leaves him thinking that maybe she does not love him like he loves her, Going back to " you always come close" he relizes that is the reason she makes excuses and "what's the point" "I never said I'd take this lying down"
  • Kaylaaaaaa from Coventry, RiI love this song. =]
  • Ty from Indianapolis, InThere are two sides to every story
  • Meryl from Melville, Nyyou are all wrong. This song is about my cousin. She and adam dated for a while and then broke up with him because she didnt like where the relationship was heading. He loved her more than she loved him. She wanted to end the relationship but it was being dragged out to the point where she was making excuses and adam didnt want to put up with it anymore.
  • Ty from Indianapolis, InIf you follow the definition thinger thats what he is saying though. They are starting to fight with each other and she is thinking that maybe sex will cure their problems but he wants the relationship to be based on more than just sex. Part of me thinks the line I never said I'd take this lying down has two meanings. One being obviously he isnt going to succumb to her by having sex and the other being he is still gonna fight for their relationship so he backs it up by saying he's crawled home from worse than this. I also believe this song is about transgressing from being weak to strong by starting out saying this wont mean a thing come tomorrow meaning he gave in and finally in the song when he turns the tables and asks am I turning you on
  • Karlee from Bracebridge, CanadaThe definiton thinger isn't always right. I think Brandie and Michelle are pretty right
  • Michelle from Flint, MiActually this song is from the guys point of view, the girlfriend is pressuring him into sex.. (She said Come on come on lets just get this over with) Shes coming up with excuses as to why they should do it ( I love the way you'd roll excuses off the tip of ur tongue).. (As I slowly quietly fall apart) Meaning he lowering his gaurd as to say maybe also (You always come close but this never comes easy).. Yet she bribes him (I still know everything)
    Also with the last part
    Im practacally naked are you turned on..
  • Brandie from Jacksonville, AlThis is about being in a new, and "perfect" relationship. About being in love, and still getting to know one another. Everything seems great, but they are starting to notice nit-picky things each of them do. Every argument (She says
    "come on, come on, let's just get this over with") seems to be made up over with sex.(I'm on the corner of your bed, I'm thinking maybe,are you turned on")
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