I'll Let You Live

Album: Louder Now (2006)


  • This song deals with Taking Back Sunday's Adam Lazzara leaving his girlfriend Michelle Nolan. The line, "The first degree was a riot' refers to Michele starting a fight over the first time he cheated on her. "You've settled for less and I'm sure you'll settle again" is just another insult about how she'll never get another guy as good as him. At the end he blames her for his behavior with the line, "That represent and actively encourage all of my worst habits they all are proof that we're both capable of the most terrible things. Don't test me." >>
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    niz - Mineral Wells, TX

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  • Ervo from Muncie, Ini def agree with Tim, sounds like he's daring the girl to leave him and that he's not ashamed of cheating on her...amazing song, best one of Louder Now. it really ends amazing with the weird like backwards/mumbles at the end
  • Dani from Chicago, Ili love where they took this song like right around the end with the akdhfahfahf weird sounding thing =]
  • Tim from South Jersey, Njthis song has a revengeful-imbetterthanyou feel to it. sounds liek he's almost daring the girl to leave him cuz hes so special and no other guy is like him. hes not ashamed of cheating and he knows shes not going to be happy but its her fault he did it. she doesnt understand why he did it and never will. near the end he begins to regret it and feel bad and says i know its not what u deserve. but this song sums up the over feel to louder now with its darkness, even tho the record has an upbeat pop-iness to it.
  • Laura from New Hope, PaI don't think this song is about Michelle Nolan. I mean that relationship was so long ago, and for Adam Lazzara to keep bringing it up seems unlikely. That is just my opinion though, who knows.
  • Bob from Hippy, Cowow, i had no idea this song had such depth. it's a pretty good song.
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