Album: Louder Now (2006)
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  • This song is about a failing relationship where the two are still together but feel distanced and somewhat angry. "New head filled up with smoke" probably refers to the phrase of one's head smoking because of anger. "Veins all tangled close" also implies anger. "We lay together, but not too close" means that while they are still together, they have separation because of the fights they have had. The lyric, "I want to bring you down so badly" refers to how the guy wants to end everything with his girlfriend and tell her off completely and break her down emotionally.
  • Vocalist Adam Lazzara explained the song's meaning to Kerrang!: "I was trying to point out how, even though love can be beautiful, there's also a sadistic side to it too. I didn't think my lyrics were any good at first. Looking back at the situation I was writing about now, I think I hit the nail on the head."

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  • Ollie from L.a.OK guys, this song is either about his current wife or his ex Chauntelle Dupree, though I'm leaning towards the latter, because she was hardcore religious.
  • Justaemofreak from Rude Dont AskI disagree actually, i think this is a very sexual song with looking at the female lets opened in a scissor position, break you so badly- you should have the idea.. by the jukebox like a game playish, spending the night with her with her weakness,hangover (drunk, bringing back the scissor position) the hungry eyes.
  • Evlhornet from CaliI've been looking for this song for years!!! I use to have it on an old iPod that I lost but could not remember the name or the band. I always thought it was about a stalker who kidnapped the girl he was obsessed with.
  • Yeet from Vicksburg Yeah I just think it's about wanting to bone. "I just wanna break you down so badly" reminds me of "Coming to Break you off" by the roots. And when he says that thing about scissors that's the girl opening her legs. And you are red violent red, that's sexual to me. And like the music video where a lion catches a gazelle but the gazelle turns into a cartwheeling girl? I think "I trip over everything you say" is like saying you're f--king awesome and I cant get enough. I only came here to understand the more poetic things of this song. Like Hollow out hungry eyes the f--k does that mean. Or my inarticulate something hangover kit, like I get hes talking about his body and himself there because he immediately says it talks and it says you are so cool. Like I get hes saying I dont look at myself as that impressive but I put you on a pedestal. But what I want to know is why'd you choose those words boy-o.
  • Levi from Branson Honestly I think you’re all wrong. It’s about heroin. “I just want to break you down so badly,” breaking down a shot. “I keep my veins all tangled close.” “Hollow out my hungry eyes,” he’s craving. “Shaking at the thought,” still craving. So many more lines to connect the dots but this song is about an intimate connection to his master (heroin).
  • Abbey from Denver, CoI think everyone is right in thinking that this song is about a relationship between two people. Where some see it as something sexual and others see it as something vengeful, I find it to be about longing, two people who want each other but will never be together. There's frustration in this, and the lyrics go to show that only the most extreme words and wants can express the feeling of the distance that can't be closed.
  • Shall from Red Deer, AbI find myself listening to this song at all hours
  • Chase from Arlington, TxThis song is about A guy telling someone he is going to help them through an addiction. mainly alcoholism. He takes about her greatest hiding place is a bar. her hang over hobby kit. And her greatest weakness ( drinking). Yet he wants to help her. he can't ever get to close to close. He just wnats to break her down so badly to see the real her.
  • Zenia from New York, NyI think it's about a regular guy who's dating this girl that used to be really down to earth but has become really cocky and selfish 'you've got this knew head filled up with smoke' and she's forgotten him or she's belittling him for drinking a lot and not really doing anything with his life. But because they were dating before she became this way he knows all of her flaws and he knows for a fact that she's not all she thinks she is 'long nights spent with your most obvious weaknesses, you start shaking at the thought'. so he just wants to knock her down a peg and show her that she's not all that 'I just wanna bring you down so badly'. He feels a resentment towards her because she tried to knock him down and question his importance 'while I trip over everything you said'
  • Jack from Rouen, FranceAccording to TBS the song is about rape. The back ground noises are the girl crying. Its in the point of view of a drunk rapist.
  • Katie from Port Angeles, WaOkay, I think you have it all wrong, to be honest.
    "You've got this new head filled up with smoke" is probably talking about the person the song is for, saying you have this new head thats all clouded and smokey and possibly they are becoming cocky, self righteous a little.

    "We lie, we lie together just not too close too close" could represent either the distance in their relationship, or maybe a friendship where one person is in love with the other.

    The part of breaking someone down is talking about wanting to totally lose it on that person and rip them apart so they can see what its like feeling pain...wanting to just BREAK THEM DOWN because they are being so ignorant and dumb and infuriating about a relationship.

    Everyone is so out to say what this song means, but...everyone can iterpret it differently, ya know?
  • Ed from Far Rkwy, Nyi have to totally agree with ramon from cali.. im still gunna stick to my hunch =P
  • Ramon from Anaheim, CaWow i had it all backwards. I thought it was about a guy wanting a girl. "you are everything i want, Cause you are everything im not" and the part where he says "we lie we lie together just not to close to close" i thought ment he could get close to her maybe in a friendship level but that was me crazy
  • Adam from Band, OrI have no clue what it's about but adam's voice sounds great so i'll just enjoy the song
  • Jonathan from Fayetteville, NcMy ex loves it, listened to it the whole time we were together. I was so blind!
  • Grace from Seattle, WaI think it's sexual. When I bought the cd I was looking at the lyrics and after "You hollow out my hungry eyes" it isn't "You hollow out my hungry eyes" again its "I bite my tongue and take my time" And besides "Scissor shaped" "Violent red" Is it sex or what?
  • Lesley from Tampa, FlIt's about a relationship in which the guy is totally obsessed with the girl sexually and infatuated with her to the point where she wants to get away from him. It infuriates him that she is pulling away and becoming more distant. By breaking her down emotionally he is trying to make sure that she'll never leave him -- like when a girl won't leave her abusive boyfriend because he has convinced her that she is nothing without him.
  • Eric from Garretson, SdTo Emily from Queensland, the line is "to the jukebox bars you frequent, the safest place to hide" its referring that she goes to the bars to drink and hide from her problems rather than facing them

    And I think that TBS wrote this song in such a way that can be interpreted by each person in a different way to their position..It could be interpreted in many ways..personally I believe it isn't referring to a guy who likes a girl that doesn't like him, I believe it is intended to be a real relationship as it says "we lay, we lay together just not too close too close"..i believe it refers to an actual relationship where they are drifting apart but he doesn't want to lose her so he's going to "make damn sure" that she won't ever get too far away
  • Kelsey from Johnstown, Pai really like this song. i was looking at my boyfriends phone, and i saw that this was my ringtone. when i ask people in person what they think that it means, they say that they have no clue, but i was really wondering, so i looked it up on here. well, i dont think that it is about being mean, but it is about being so in love that no matter what happens, he wont let her get too far from him. he thinks that shes so perfect, she is everything he wants because she is everything hes not, that he wants to break her down, maybe just to see what happens, but he wont do it because he loves her too much. i dont know. but it just doesnt seem like a mean song to me.
  • Emily from Queensland, Australiaand what does the line("To the jukebox you frequent the safest place to hide") mean? hmmm.....
  • Emily from Queensland, AustraliaThis is definetly a confusing song regarding the meaning, I always thought the opisite of what everyone else thought! when i think about it, it has got sort of a relationship feel to it. Its a killer of a song anyway! and Taking Back Sunday rock!
  • Emily from New York, NyThis song is about a guy and a girl that aren't quite dating, but kind of circling around eachother. The girl is a bit of a mystery to the guy, so when he says 'i just wanna break you down so badly' i think he means he wants to figure her out. when he says 'i trip over everything you say' i take it to mean that he is nervous around her.

    emily, new york, NY
  • Dani from Chicago, Ilwell, i interpreted the song twards my own experience really. i think is about a guy who is into this girl but she just won't let her guard down, or open up hence the "i just wanna break you down so badly" and its almost like he's falling head over heels for her and all he wants is her to do the same for him "i trip over everything you say" i could be wrong but i had and experience w/ this guy and this song is what reminds me of it cause yeahhh. oh and um. matt rubano is the most talented bassist ever.
  • Jimmy from Sydney, Australiai reckon this song is about a guy that is obsessed with a girl, but she, "shakin at the thought," has no interest in him whatsoever. the powerful way lazarra sings "i just wanna break u down so badly" just conveys how he's so desperate, almost in pain, for this girl. GREAT SONG...whatever it means
  • Alec from Elkhart, InI believe its about a guy who is friends with a girl but wants it to be more than a "just friends" sort of thing but he's also afraid that if he lets the girl know of his true feelings for her, it will ruin their friendship. I dont believe "i just want to break u down so badly" has a negative conotation.
  • Jordan from Victoria, CanadaHe loves her and wants to have her in EVERY WAY including sex. she loves him and wants him happy but is afraid as well. this song just feels like a struggle of wants and needs and tip-toeing around bounderies. trying to "break her down" and get what he wants, and trying to make him happy without "lying to close".
  • Coty from Springfield, Ohi dont think its about any of those things. i think its about a guy that totally hates the chick and he wont let her get away untill her life is completley messed up her life.
  • Kristin from Yaphank, NyI love this song. You all have very good interpretations of the lyrics. I've been pondering about this song for a while, trying to figure out its meaning. It's my favorite Taking Back Sunday song. I definately agree with the obsessive love perspective.
  • Lily from Cebu, Otheri think this song is about a couple who are having problems. they want to break up, but at the same time, they cant let go of each other. agreeable?
  • Katherine from Akron, OhIt is break,but they both sound good
  • Katherine from Akron, OhSongs can have multiple meanings for differant people, it's a great song,we all agree!
  • Leah from Salisbury, NcThis song is about tenn couple who haven't been dating long and they still have their innocence " We lay together just not to close, too close." but then the boy develops an obbsession "I'm gonna make damn sure that you can't ever leave, No, you won't ever get too far from me." so yeah thats it!

  • Jessica from Reno, NvI completely agree with Sierra's opinion. But I think that it's more than that. I think that no matter what they do, they can't get close enough, unless they have sex. After seeing their concert, I love the band, the song, and now the video. I would die if I met them!
    -Jess, Reno, Nv
  • Bob from Hippy, CoThis song isn't what I first thought it was about, but now it kinda makes more sense. Whenever I try to explain to someone, they don't get it. Best song ever.
  • Niz from Mineral Wells, Tx'I'm gonna make dame sure that you won't ever leave.''s a memory
  • Sierra from Sandy, UtThis song is about a couple taking each other's virginity's "long night spent with your most obvious weakness". sex is her weakness but "you start shaking at the thought" but she is also scared of it. "And we lay, we lay together just not Too close, too close (how close is close enough?)We lay, we lay together just not
    Too close, too close" a representation of the innocence they still have and the contemplation of if they REALLY want to take if too far.

    "scissor shaped across the bed, you are red violent red you hollow out my hungry eyes"
    it has obvious sexual meaning...scissor shaped, legs spread. red....the color representing anger or confusion. his eyes are hungry, he cant keep his eyes off of her and he wants her.

    he wants to break her down so badly...he wants to do with her what he wants for his own selfish wants (in the worst way)or it could mean he is going to tempt her to let him do the naughty with him.

    i'm gonna makedamnsure that you cant ever leave if the romantic part of the song, saying i'll always love you, i'm not a douche who is going to do you and leave kind of thing.

  • Niz from Mineral Wells, Txmakedamnsure is about a memory. 'you won't ever get to far from me' is how he won't forget her...remember michelle?
  • Tabitha from Brooklyn Park, MdI think it has more of a sexual meaning, like Chris says, because there are many sexual references in the song, and he says he's gonna "make damn sure" that it happens with him, not anyone else. and he "trips over everything [she] says", meaning he falls everytime she says she's not ready.
  • Chris from Birmingham, MiI think the songs about a guy wanting to have sex with his girlfriend for the first time. "Scissor shaped across the bed, you are red, violent red" is a very sexual statement. Just wanting to bring her down would imply that he wants her to do what he wants to do but will wait. "We lay, we lay, together just not too close, too close (how close is close enough?)" would mean the couple does things but don't go too far, testing the waters so to say. "You start shaking at the thought" would mean that girl might want to but to but hasnt decided if she will give it up yet
  • Antonia from Inkster, MiI personally think the song is about a guy who is in love with a girl that is totally out of his league "you are everything i want, cause you are everything im not". An no matter how hard he trys to explain or break down his feelings to her she wont get close enough to him so he starts feeling resentful toward her by wanting to break his feelings down in "the worst way". Just a thought.
  • Kim from Long Island, NyI agree with Annabelle. I could be very wrong, and please correct me if I am, but I had always believed Makedamnsure was written about obsessive love. A boy loves a girl very much, but she does not share those feelings. He loves her so much, he cannot even think straight when near her ("I trip over everything you say"). In contrast, she is frightened of his love ("You start shaking at the thought"), and attempts to avoid him ("The safest place to hide"). He is extremely determined to make her feel the same way ("You hollow out my hungry eyes", he stares at her expectantly), saying he will "break her down", convince her to allow him a chance. She is hesitant ("We lay together just not too close, too close"), and he becomes confused as to where they now stand ("How close is close enough?"). Again, tell me if I am incorrect. I love Taking Back Sunday, this song, and this video...and Adam Lazzara and Matt Rubano are both just too hot lol.
  • Rose from Bay Shore, Nyyeah, it is break... i hate when people say bring bc it chnges the whole meaning of the line i think
  • Sarah from Sandiego, CaThis song is the bomb it wont ever get to far from me. Oh and by the way its i just wanna BREAK you down so badly not says in the lyric book.:)
  • Annabelle from Chicago, IlI always thought that this song was about a guy in love with a girl,that don't care about him and he wants to make her hurt,like she made him hurt but he dosen't want to loose her.
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