One More Year

Album: The Slow Rush (2020)
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  • This deep funk tune came out of Kevin Parker's realization that we're all stagnating and doing exactly the same thing while the problems of the world are getting worse by the day.

    Do you remember we were standing here a year ago?
    Our minds were racing and time went slow
    If there was trouble in the world, we didn't know
    If we had a care, it didn't show

    Parker told Apple Music: "Our life is crazy, but where is it going? We won't be young forever but we sure do live like it. Our book needs more chapters. Our time here is short, let's make it count."
  • Asked by NME if he had climate change in mind, Parker replied: "It's irresponsible as a human being to ignore some of the things that we're faced with at the moment, and that's the burden of humans now."
  • This is the opening track of The Slow Rush, which contains a theme of the passage of time. Speaking with The London Times, Parker broke down the meaning of the album title. "If you stare at the clock, it's crawling along, but as soon as you get distracted, that's when time overtakes you," he said. "As humans we could do so much, but somehow time always gets the better of us. How does that happen?"
  • The Slow Rush was Tame Impala's first album in five years. The record's theme of a ticking clock proved unexpectedly apt as Kevin Parker struggled to complete the album. Book ended by "One More Year" and "One More Hour," the album that describes a year of someone's life ended up taking a year of Parker's. "It's an absolute coincidence," he told Q magazine. "But that's one of the sentiments of the album: time races but it's kind of a mystery how it does that. I feel like I've got all the time in the world and then suddenly that moment is tomorrow."


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