by Tank

Album: This Is How I Feel (2011)


  • The first single from Tank's fifth album features Kris Stephens, an artist signed by the American R&B singer-songwriter to his label. He explained the background to the song to The Boombox: "I've been trying to fuse R&B along with more upbeat club music. I've been trying to find the perfect balance for me; to not to be so chanty and out there, but have a record I can sing on that can make sense in the club. Kris Stephens is my first artist off my label, so I had her on there showing off, giving a sultry vocal."

    The song was released on October 17, 2011.
  • The album version features rapper T.I. Said Tank to The Boombox: "We already dropped it as a single, but we added T.I. to the mix and made it fresh. We had already dropped it as a street-buzz thing to let people know Tank was back doing his thing. If it's gonna be an R&B song, it's got to be about a woman. I created the record with a call-out, so women can participate, and so we could get back to celebrating women in that way, just as simple as a compliment. How better to get that point across than put it on a T-Minus beat that burns the clubs up? I was just trying to create that feel-good moment for women. We added T.I. to make the record totally unfair."


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