A Place In This World

Album: Taylor Swift (2006)
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  • Taylor explained this cut in publicity materials: "I wrote this song when I was thirteen and had just moved to Nashville. It was tough trying to find out how I was going to get where I wanted to go. I knew where I wanted to be, but I just didn't know how to get there. I'm really happy this is on the album, because I feel like I finally figured it out."
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  • Jillian from AmericaThere's A Place For Us written by Carrie Underwood in the year 2010 relates to this song in a lot of ways. You feel like an outcast a lot but no matter what you are going to find your place.
  • Alisha from Grand Prarie, TxYeah, I moved lots of times, and I always felt like an outcast, and I haven't found my place yet, and I feel like, maybe, I'm just a girl on a mission, and I feel like I'm alone
  • Bailey from Toronto, OnI haven't moved, but i have switched schools and all that. but i still feels like i can connect with this song and what she means
  • Brooke from Buda, Txthis song kinda hits home. Ive moved 9 times.
  • Ronny from London, United Kingdomthis song gives me a sort if different feeling, a diferent meaning. it makes me think about school, about friends,about life. it makes me think about change, about leaving my friends and going off and having to be on my own and just find that place in this world. <3 x
  • Erika from Anthony, NmI've never moved so this song doesn't go in my life.
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