Album: Fearless (2008)
Charted: 72


  • Swift wrote this love-gone-wrong song with singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat, who also sings on the track. Swift told That's Country how she hooked up with the Californian: "I was a huge fan of Colbie's record. When it came out, I fell in love with the way that she makes music. I contacted her management right away and I asked if I could write with her and, sure enough, Colbie had a date coming up in Nashville where she was going to be playing a show and she had the day off. I think she sounds beautiful on it. I'm so excited to have her voice on my album."
  • Swift explained to That's Country that this tune is, "a song about having to say goodbye to somebody, but it never blames anybody. Sometimes that's the most difficult part. When it's nobody's fault."
  • Colbie Caillat told The Associated Press about their collaboration: "I went to Nashville about a year and a half ago, and she wanted to write with me, and I flew there and we worked on the songs on morning and she had this beautiful song started and it's about having to let someone go and say goodbye to a really good friend. And we became friends after that. She is so sweet, so beautiful, so talented and honestly just a really intelligent young women. She knows what she is doing and she knows how to handle her career and take charge. I love her."

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  • Erika from Anthony, Nm"Breathe" goes in my life because my BFF moved away from me and she left me out to hung dry with the bullies in school. But I can't blame her. If you're reading this Monica - I MISS YOU!
  • Amos from Miami, FlTaylor Swift is my favorite singer! Breathe is my favorite song too! She & Colbie sing so well together! Taylor should SO be on Oprah! I love you Taylor! (Miley Cyrus isn`t that good)

    Your BIGGEST fan,
    Julia :-) i luv u!
  • Ashleigh from ?????, MoThis song reminds me of my friend. She met this guy at camp, the got to be really close. (even i got to be good frinds with him) Then once the week was over they had to go their separate ways and they live miles and miles apart. A phone call only gives you so much.
  • Emily from Around Chicago, IlIn the booklet that comes w/the CD, there are hidden messages in the lyrics. You take all the capital letters and put them in order to spell a phrase. Breathe's message is: IM SORRY IM SORRY IM SORRY.
  • Hope from Naperville, Ili can relate so much. i just lost my best friend...
  • Emily from Around Chicago, IlFavorite next to love story! And I really like Taylor Swift! I love country and I love how her voice sounds with Colbie. It was very creative.
  • Randy from Reading, PaI competed against Taylor in karaoke contests at Pat Garrets Roadhouse Bar in Straustown PA. I didn't think she was very good then and still think she is overrated as a singer.
  • Stephie from Portland, OrAbsolute favorite on the whole album, next to "Fifteen"!!! Must listen, beautiful lyrics and guitar.
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