Dyin' Flyin'

Album: Special Effects (2015)
  • Tech N9ine told Artist Direct the story of this Krizz Kaliko featuring track, which segues into the following number "Worldly Angel." "The song is really personal to me, because it sounds like an old record," he said. "Seven had musicians create an old, vintage type track with instruments. He put it on a record, sampled it off the record, and made a hip-hop beat for me. We created our own sample. He took a lady from the nine-piece choir that we used on 'Lacrimosa' and 'Aw Yeah (InterVENTion).' She really sang it. It made me spew about how my mom told me I was an angel sent down from Heaven to help people."

    "Towards the end, I realized that every time I tried to help, it hurt people who love me and maybe I don't know who to do this so I'm going to fly away," Tech continued. "It was perfect to segue into "World Angel" from "Dyin' Flyin',' because I was so frustrated with some of the fans saying that they didn't want me to work with certain mainstream artists, they didn't want me on the radio, they didn't want me on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE!, Skee TV, or whatever."

    "I felt like I was dying while I was flying high," he added. "I'm flying higher than ever but some fans are dying off because they don't want the mainstream to go Tech, but it's too late. It's happening. A lot of people felt like I was going through mainstream or it's watered down. If you listen to Special Effects and you say, "It's watered down," you're fooling yourself. That's what 'Dyin' Flyin',' was about. I say sometimes I want to fly away. It segues into 'Worldly Angel' with my flying away because nobody understands the love I give. That's what that one is about."


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