Show Me a God

Album: K.O.D. (2009)
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  • Tech N9ne told The Boombox the background to this song: "My moms was dying of pancreatitis back then in '09," he explained. "So I was like, 'Please, show me a God. Let me know something listening when I'm down on my knees,' 'cause I'm 99 percent, but I need 100 percent proof that somebody's listening cause nobody f--king knows."

    "But we have faith," he continued. "We can see the sun and the moon, we see the birds, etc. But Creationists say it's a higher power and Darwin says, 'It grows like a plant.' And all the s--t makes sense. If you think too hard on it, you'll drive yourself crazy. So nowadays I just try to stay focused on being happy as f--k."


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