• This song is about two lovers who aren't good for each other. She's having second thoughts but they keep putting off the inevitable end of the relationship. In doing so they are robbing each other of happiness.
  • The video finds frontman Matthew Healy and his girl rob a shop at gunpoint to fund their alcohol and drug addiction. The clip was inspired by one of the singer's favorite movie characters. "I got really obsessed with the idea behind Patricia Arquette's character in True Romance when I was about 18," he said. "That craving for the bad boy in that film, it's so sexualized," he added. "It was something I was obsessed with."

    "'Robbers' is about a heist that goes wrong," Healy added. "I suppose you can read it as a metaphor, and a girl who's obsessed with her professional killer boyfriend. It's a romantic ideal."

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  • Kathleen from MarylandThese lyrics are wrong. The bridge before the last verse is
    Well now that you've got your gun
    It’s much harder now the police have come
    And I'll shoot him if it's what you ask
    But if you just take off your mask
    You'd find out everything's gone wrong.

    And she says, "Babe, you look so COOL. " Not cold.
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