Album: The Secret (2019)


  • "Miracle" features vocals by Jason Mraz, whom Alan Parsons first met through a mutual friend. They spent some time hanging out, and Mraz told Parsons he used to listen to his Eye In The Sky album in the back of his mother's Fiat motorcar, back when he was a child.

    Mraz agreed to lay down some vocals for this song. Speaking in a Songfacts interview, Parsons recalled: "We never actually met face-to-face to do that vocal. He was in Dallas on tour and he took an afternoon to sing it over the internet from Dallas. I was listening in at my studio in Santa Barbara. It's totally realistic to do stuff at a distance these days."
  • Alan Parsons is a lifelong fan of magic, which is a theme that shows up in a lot of his songs. Here Jason Mraz sings:

    There's a song in the sky that's breathing
    Magic music made for my eyes
    And for a moment reminds me I am always free

    The lyrics were penned by Parsons' bass player Guy Erez and co-writer Andy Ellis. The Secret album is very much based on magic and that theme is invoked here.


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