Album: Move Along (2005)
Charted: 42 15
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  • The All-American Rejects signed to DreamWorks Records after releasing their first single Swing, Swing. That song and most of their first album came to them quickly, but coming up with successful songs for their follow-up album wasn't easy. In our 2012 interview with All-American Rejects guitarist Nick Wheeler, who writes their songs with lead singer Tyson Wheeler, he explained: "'Move Along' and 'It Ends Tonight' both, we wrote those in Atlanta when we were at our wits' end wondering if we were ever going to get to make a second record. Our manager and our guy just kept saying, 'Keep writing, keep writing.' All we knew was, hey, man, we wrote 11 songs and that's all we had to our name when we made the first record. We have more than that, let's just go make a record. Thankfully they pushed us to our wits' end, because the last two songs we wrote for our second record were 'Move Along' and 'It Ends Tonight,' which were both Top Ten songs. And those actually came pretty easily once it started flowing."
  • The video describes the daily hardships and struggles that we all face; whether we work as a doctor, librarian, gardener, football player or in an office. The subplot is about the lead singer, Tyson, and his fictional girlfriend, Kim (although he was dating Kim Smith at the time). Their engagement is called off, and it shows his way of choosing to move on. >>
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    Megan - NY, NY
  • This plays at the end of the movie She's The Man. It was also used in an episode of the TV series One Tree Hill.
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Comments: 21

  • Joseph Dela Cruz from San Diego, CaMy favorite.
  • Martha from New York, NyI listen to this song on long bike rides and runs. It reminds me to move along. Lol.
  • Scotty from Tokyo, Japanlove the song...does get free music thing work...or is it a scam
  • T from Nyc, IrelandWhen my cousin was injured in Iraq, I started listening to the radio, and this song spurred me along. My cousin lost his leg and eye, he was on the hospital bed saying that he was done, not kidding, and didn't mean maybe. He said he was tired of endless war. I really wanted him to be able to keep both of his legs, though his right one looked horribly necrotic, sporting a few unpleasant colors and new metal bits... I started manically humming this song, and never really stopped. My kids like it too. We smile even if we feel absolutely maddened.
  • Danleichty from Rochester, MnThis is one of my favorate songs. I listen to it when I want to forget about what happened in my past.When Something from my past comes to mind I listen to this song and dance it off.
  • Stretch from Miami , FlI instantly fell in love with this album. Many great songs. This one included.
  • Stretch from Miami , FlWRONG. This song COULDN'T HAVE been written about "The Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina" because the album came out before katrina even form. Album release date: 07/12/2005
    Katrina formed : 08/23/2005
  • Nikki from Heights, Txi like dirty little secret better
  • Tania from Cairns, AustraliaI love all The All American Rejects!!!!!!!
    The All American Rejects songs are all awsome
    their like the best band ever. They are so awsome!!!!!!!!!!
  • Cody from Hagerstown, Mdit ends tonight is much better
  • Beans from Philadelphia, Patheir other ongs are really good too. i haven't heard all the ones from the first cd but what i have heard i love.
  • Telly from L.a., CaThis song is really uplifting when you're down, it sounds good too!
  • Beans from Philadelphia, Patyson and nick wrote this song about their ex-girlfriends kim and stephanie.......
  • Tyler from Hampton, Iathis song is so good. and i love the music video, so cool!!
  • Beans from Philadelphia, PaThis song rocks! AAR rocks! is anyone else like obsessed with them?? they're the best band evur!!! I just cant figure out why they haven't been as big as to make it onto magzine covers yet. :p
  • Caitlin from Upper Township, NjLove the song! A-A-R is a great band. Dirty Little Secret is also a great song, too! I especially like the "hands are shaking cold,these hands are meant to hold" part.
  • Michael from Tupelo, MsGood song, felt like i was having a seizure watching the video.
  • Melissa from Toledo, OhI love this song to death. One of the best from AAR. I love the video for this song. AAR rocks!!
  • Bob from Washington, DcThis is the best song on The A-A Rejects latest CD. The song may be the best the group has ever recorded. And, I like the music video very much. The video scenes and presentation are filled with energy, just like the music.
  • Nick from Maine, MeMan, this song kicks major ass....Glad to see another great hit from the guys
  • Nikki from Canada, United StatesThis is an awesome song, but I didn't really like the video.
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