Les Brers In A Minor

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  • The title is French for "The Brothers In A Minor." The song is an instrumental written by Allman Brothers guitarist Dickey Betts. Gregg Allman recalls in his 2012 biography that they did 29 takes of the song, and used the second one.
  • This was one of the first songs the band recorded without Duane Allman, who died in a motorcycle accident about four months before this was released.
  • Berry Oakley's bass line is prominent in the song. Oakley died later that year in a motorcycle accident similar to the one that killed Duane Allman.
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  • Steve from Louisville, KyDickey Betts said it was “bad French,” and a pun on “less brothers,” in the absence of Duane. So, it’s not actually French, but it alludes to it. It really is in Am, though.

    The main melody was derived from something Dickey Betts played on the At Fillmore East version of “Whipping Post.” It’s at 11:08, right after the breakdown during his solo.

    Coincidentally, later in the jam, they play “Frère Jacque,” whose title has the actual French word for “brother.” A little after 17:30, for that.
  • Dave from Folsom, CaBrer is just a colloquial word for brother, like in the Brer Bear and Brer Fox stories. It sounds kind of French, hence "Les Brers" (the brothers).
  • Mike from Matawan, NjWhoops!!!! Chris, you're right, I'm wrong. Color me stupid. 'Les' is French, but it would appear your right about 'Brers'. 'Brothers' en francais is 'frere'.
  • Mike from Matawan, NjUhh, Chris? Yeah. It IS French. The word 'Les' before the 'Brers' is kind of a giveaway. It's French, trust me. Your explanation works too, if you take into account that it could mean both: the French AND the southern vernacular.
  • Chris from Detroit, MiMy guess is that dickey means 'the brothers' because "br'er" means means brother in deep south vernacular. fits, of course with their band name and showing solidarity after Duane's death. It ain't french.
  • Blue from Centerville, MaBrers means celebrate.
  • Mark from Minneapolis, Mnwhat reference was used translating from french to english? the only word for brother I can find is frere. As in the childrens song Frere Jaques.
    I am curious I always thought it was a reference to the Brahms Trio in Am
  • Paul from Cincinnati, OhThis is a pretty cool instrumental, if i recall correctly.
  • Jack from Oak Ridge, NcIncredible bassline!
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