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Album: More, More, More (1976)
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  • This song - considered a classic club hit - was performed by Andrea True. Born and raised in Nashville, True had moved to the Big Apple and achieved notoriety as a porn star appearing in films with titles such as Bite, Every Inch A Lady, Hot Channels, South of the Border, The Wetter the Better, Prurient Interest, Uncontrollable Urge, and Debbie Does Las Vegas. So when she released this upbeat single, the chorus "More, More, More, how do you like it, how do you like it" became more than a little suggestive. The lyric in the song, "Get the cameras rollin', get the action goin'," seems like a direct allusion to her X-rated escapades on the film set.
  • True was doing commercials for hire in Jamaica when a state of political upheaval broke out on the island. She was looking for a way to get herself and her money back home to the USA. She called upon her friend, producer Greg Diamond, to help her get a song demo together - a way of laundering her money off of the Caribbean island in the form of a master tape. Diamond reportedly wrote the now-classic song in one hour and produced the whole demo with the help of island musicians - horn section and all - for only $1,400.
  • Released on the Buddah label, this song became a smash hit in discos and nightclubs, and radio stations soon afforded it generous airtime. DJs seemed to relish in telling listeners that Andrea True was a "former" porn star. It was all the more tantalizing that way, and gave the song a sensuous life all its own.
  • The arrangement, with a solid disco beat, set the stage for many other disco style hits to come. And while the song may have raised a few puritanical eyebrows in its day, by today's standards it seems quite tame and innocuous.
  • After her hit single, True gave the world more, more, more music in 1977 with the single, "N.Y. You Got Me Dancing." This became True's second-biggest hit, climbing to #27 on the Hot 100. In 1980 she released her final album, True Confessions, which was a True commercial flop. She reportedly left the musical spotlight after the need for throat surgery affecting her vocal cords all but ended her career as a singer. "I want to be remembered as someone who brought people joy with my music," said True in a VH1 interview in 2002.
  • The '90s hit "Steal My Sunshine" by Lem samples the music on this track. The one came about when Marc Costanzo of Lem wrote the lyrics at a rave, then ended up at the house of Brendan Canning of Broken Social Scene, who played "More, More, More." Costanzo sampled it on the spot, looping it and adding his lyrics to the beat.
  • Norwegian singer-songwriter Dagny covered the song for a Target commercial introducing the store's line of new products in the fall of 2017. She told Pop Crush:

    "It was like a challenge from Target to put a soundtrack to their brand, so the song is very different from my own stuff. It was a fun challenge and an amazing experience because it was a different way to think about the music. It was more about how to work with their vision, not just my own."

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  • Sharon from Boston, MaI love this song, but I would love it a whole lot more if Andrea True's pitch was better. She was flat for most of the song and it really sets my teeth on edge every time I hear it. Too bad they didn't have AutoTune back in the day!
  • Mtp from To, Ont.James Smart or Smartt on trumpet
  • Paul from Kennewick, WaMike,that was priceless about the trumpet-take it from an ex-pat Canadian who has seen her in both roles. But anyways, this classic tune reminded me of the hottest MILF around, when I was about 14. Andrea is now living in FL,but I sure wish she'd come out of retirement and perform again.
  • Mike from Cobourg, CanadaHey Jay in Ottawa... Considering her profession, I believe it was Andrea who was the expert at playing the trumpet..
  • Jay from Ottawa, CanadaI had no idea she was a porn star... I'm really surprised. Great song though especially the trumpet solo. Anyone know who played the trumpet by any chance?
  • James from Gettysburg, PaIn my youth, I loved a girl named Andrea Crouse but couldn't really bring up the nerve to ask her if we should be together in a relationship, so we remained good friends. I had made a fictional band up for myself (because I liked designing album covers) and I devoted one to her and printed out a copy: The Andrea Crouse Connection
  • Marina from Seattle, WaIf you love this song, try to find the Tom Moulton mix of it...I think it's even better than the original!
  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesRachel Stevens' 2004 cover version of this song featured the same sample of this song as Len's "Steal My Sunshine"
  • Amy from St. Peters, MoThis song was used for spots for an upcoming season (don't remember which season) of Sex and the City. The girls sang along to the song.
  • Barry from Greenville, NcThe group LEN sampled the middle portion of this song's drumbeat for their 1999 hit, "Steal My Sunshine."
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