So Long, Astoria

Album: So Long, Astoria (2003)


  • Astoria is the town from the 1985 movie Goonies. In the film, a bunch of kids find a treasure map and set out to find the booty. Hijinks ensue as a group of criminals join the search. The line, "This is my wish and I'm taking it back, I'm taking 'em all back" is from the movie.
  • Lead singer Kris Roe used childhood memories as inspiration: "I'd take all these Polaroids of where I grew up. I went back and stole back these memories that were once mine by taking all these Polaroids. At this point in my life and career, I can't very well go back to the house where I used to live and say to the people that live there now, 'Can I sit in my old bedroom?' But I could take photographs in the window. I tried to do anything I could to make this record more vivid and detailed, even going to stalker limits." >>
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    Sarah - York, ME, for above 2

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  • Spencer from Windsor, Canadait's funny when i got into these guys this song reminded me of that movie because it all made sense and then in history i learned that Astoria was found ed by one of the richest men of our countries history John Astor i think but that might not be his first name.he built the town as a trading compost for his animal skins. Ironic how one of the richest man makes a town that can look so depressing yet fun and adventourous at the same time. I love this song and i love this CD. someday ill visit Astoria.
  • Kathryn from Portland , OrA song about my favorite Oregon town and my favorite childhood movie?? What's not to love!

    Kathryn, Portland, OR
  • Rob from Castaic, CaThe lyrics in this song are simply amazing.
  • Swift from New York, NyAstoria is a neighborhood in Queens, NY. i don't know if there is any connection.
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