Better Dig Two

Album: Pioneer (2012)
Charted: 28
  • The lead single from The Band Perry's sophomore album finds Kimberley Perry singing of her undying love for her spouse. The song was penned by Nashville songwriters Shane McAnally and Trevor Rosen, who also co-penned Chris Young's single "Neon." Also contributing was Brandy Clark, who previously teamed up with McAnally to write Miranda Lambert's "Mama's Broken Heart" and David Nail's "That's How I'll Remember You." It was originally demoed by Kacey Musgraves.
  • The Band Perry officially debuted the hard-driving track when they performed it at the 46th Annual CMA Awards. Preceding the awards, the siblings spoke to on-air personalities about the tune, calling it "the ultimate love song … the kind of love not even death can separate."
  • This was The Band Perry's third Country #1 following "If I Die Young" and "All My Life."
  • Fans of anything Southern Gothic, the Perrys were instantly drawn to the song. "Every time we hear a song and it sounds like we would have written it, we always are willing to cut it," Neil Perry told The Boot. "That song has all the elements that we love in a great song ... it's got that Southern Gothic kind of feel to it, and it's a love song. But it's written in kind of a dark way and that's what we really like about it."
  • This was originally recorded by Jo Dee Messina under the title of "Put Me In The Ground." It was the last song that she recorded for her former label. Messina told Billboard magazine: "They didn't hear it, and wouldn't commit to it being a single, so the writers said they wouldn't license it because The Band Perry wanted to cut it. It was a #1 record for them under the title 'Better Dig Two.' I'm so glad they did it because I knew the song was a smash when I heard it. We did it live, and people loved it. I'm glad someone did hear it because the writers deserved it to be out there."
  • The song's protagonist is a woman so in love that, should anything happen to her man she would follow him to the grave. "'Better Dig Two' is kind of like the ultimate commitment song," Kimberly explained to "Anybody who has experienced true, committed and OK somewhat crazy love for someone else — you say, I would die if something ever happened to you! This particular character in our song just will not live life without her significant other."

    "I think the card that our mother got for our dad for Valentine's Day probably sums it up best," she continued. "It's a picture of these two skeletons with giant red hearts, and it said 'til death do us part is for quitters.' And that's what 'Better Dig Two' is about — absolute lifetime commitment."
  • Co-writer Trevor Rosen explained the song's origin in an Entertainment Weekly interview: "I was writing on Music Row in Nashville with Shane McAnally one day - and this was back before any of us had any hits - and Brandy Clark was in the next room and popped in just to say hey before we all left for the day. I had my guitar in my hands and was just mindlessly picking and Brandy said, 'What is that? That sounds really cool.' So we all started messing around and about an hour later we had a decent start on that song but we were done for the day so we were like, 'Let's just record it and come back to it,' except then we forgot about it [laughs]. A year later were at a writer's retreat and when me, Shane, and Brandy got paired up, Shane said, 'You know, I think we had something a long time ago.' So we pulled it up and were like, 'Holy s--t!'"

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  • Jennifer from Fort Collins, CoI love the veiled threatening undertone of this song! Love me or else. Mostly sweet but a little bit of psycho I will kill you if you ever leave me.
  • Brenda Jenkins from Ranger, TxI love this song! There has never been any other song that has ever truly expressed exactly how I feel about my fianceé George. Thanks Band Perry for recording this song & expressing my feelings for me in it, it's great!
  • Camille from Toronto, OhAlthough I love many of them, this is my favorite of The Band Perry's hits so far. One reason is because I've never heard lyrics quite like this. Poetically strung together, they describe a woman's psychotic obsession with the man she married. The somewhat frenzied sound of the violin heightens the feel of the song. I just love it.
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