You Like Me Too Much


  • George Harrison's songwriting would evolve over the next few years and flourish with introspective compositions like "Something" and "Within You Without You," but on this song, he wrote about being in love with a girl and knowing that despite her threats, she will never leave him. After all, she likes him too much.
  • Both a Steinway grand piano and a Hohner Pianet electric piano were used on this song. The Beatles didn't use much electric piano, but the Hohner Pianet also showed up on another song from Help!: "The Night Before." >>
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  • Rick Margin from Brick,njAfter completing the rhythm track, John played the electric piano through most of the song. Paul and George Martin, sitting at opposite ends on a Steinway (a total of 4 hands) finished the song.
  • Carl from Apg, MdAt about 0:09 of the enclosed video, the organ vibrato is switched off, and you may be able to detect this.

    This song and "Tell Me What You See" would appear on the British "Help!", but were apparently deemed to be fitting in with earlier Beatles' material, so they were released a little earlier in the U.S.: on the album "Beatles VI". The U .S. "Help!" did not have non-soundtrack Beatles' songs.

    Capitol's repackaging of Beatles' songs (eventually objected to by the Beatles by release of the "butcher" cover for Yesterday And Today in 1966) changed some people's understanding of where the Beatles were heading musically in 1965.
  • Jennifer from Long Beach, CaIt's funny, but with all the assumptions about writing songs for Pattie - Pattie never comes up as an inspiration for this one. At the time this song was written there was a little love triangle developing. Pattie was all about George, and George was all about Joey Heatherton who he was pursuing long distance while seemingly keeping Pattie in the wings. George knew he had Pattie hook, line and sinker and didn't have to work at it at all, Joey Heatheron on the other hand took effort, which he was making. There is this myth created by publisists and Pattie that George and Pattie's relationship was a fairy tale...but the truth of it he was cheating and neglecting her 6 months into dating. Guys don't may write songs to keep girls in line, but their actions don't change
  • Melissa from Fairborn, OhHmmm, this is a strange boogie woogie/jazzy song.
  • Breanna from Henderson, NvI really like this song. It's one of his more "you love me, I know" songs it's just amazing.
  • George from Belleville, NjVery nice song.It has a strong melody.I like the electric piano sound,adds a nice touch to the song.A very enjoyable piece of music.
  • Chloe from St. Louis, Moi cant believe id never heard this song before now! sure, its not "something", but i like it. very fun, somewhat sarcastic...nice one, george.
  • Charles from Providence, RiI like this song, I would have never guessed that George wrote this song!
  • Peter Griffin from Quahog, RiNot too bad for one of George's first efforts-he wrote better later, but this isn't too bad.
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