Goodbye Daughters of the Revolution

  • Vocalist Chris Robinson told Rolling Stone: "It's about freedom, and what revolution used to stand for, how you've got to make one of your own and make it last. It's like the last line of the song, 'Don't you want to see the ship go down with me?'"
  • Chris Robinson added in an interview with The Black Crowes Bootleg Project: "It's a little bit cheeky that one. The whole idea is the paranoid utopian blues. We know it's bad, we know they've laid the trance on thick, but for those of us who can see through it we should run through the gates of the city and find ourselves in this place we want to live. I think that's the best sort of banner for the record to start under. If people are wondering if this is a rock & roll record, this is a good example of where our hearts and minds are."
  • Warpaint was the Crowes first album for 7 years. The band cut the songs live in the studio in just 3 weeks and in as few takes as possible, with minimal overdubbing. Chris Robinson said that the album's title signified "the revolution that could take place in all our souls."


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