Gold on the Ceiling

Album: El Camino (2011)
Charted: 57 94


  • Singer and guitarist Dan Auerbach told American Songwriter magazine that he roped in three "local girls" to sing the gospel harmonies on this track about the illusionary nature of material success.
  • The song was used as the musical backdrop for the 2012 NCAA March Madness tournament during its transmission by the TBS, CBS, TNT and truTV networks.
  • Directed by Harmony Korine, the mastermind behind the cult movies Gummo and Kids, and shot on raggedy VHS tape, the song's music video turns the Black Keys duo into babies, strapped to giant versions of themselves.
  • The Black Keys went to legal war against the advertising agency representing Pizza Hut for ripping off this song in a TV commercial for the American restaurant chain's Cheesy Bites Pizza. The lawsuit is part of a trend, which finds artists crying foul over advertisers using tracks that sound very similar to their music.
  • The band titled the album El Camino, which is a car of the 1970s, but there's a Plymouth Grand Voyager minivan on the cover. They explained to Interview Magazine that they were basically trying to make the stupidest record cover of all time. >>
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  • Delin The Felon from San Diego, CaThat Fuzz though...
  • Mark from Toledo, OhThe cover art for the single of this song is an entrance of Rolling Acres Mall in Akron, Ohio, where the band is from.
  • Tom from Milton Keynes, United KingdomSong used Feb/March 2012 in the Cobra Indian lager ad on UK TV- set on a train going through India (presumably) and the association of the gold topped bottles and the gold lager are fairly obvious
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