Love Yourself

Album: Ghost Alive (2018)


  • Boxer Rebellion frontman Nathan Nicholson lost his mother when he was just 18, his unborn child in 2012 and his father in early 2017. This poignant song is about overcoming both grief and difficult times.

    Can't look in the mirror, much less anyone else
    You try and move on from here
    But you look like a ghost
    You can't think, always running in place
    A lost soul that won't show his face

    Nicholson told The Independent that he hopes the song will help to initiate a more open conversation with those suffering with mental health issues. "It's about everyone knowing that there's someone to talk to, that it's okay to feel this way and that it's not necessarily unusual," he said. "Hopefully it will help to start a dialogue and helps people when they need help."
  • "Love Yourself" was released in conjunction with CALM (The Campaign Against Living Miserably) to explore issues surrounding mental health and depression.

    "It was a quite open song about getting through it. It was really nice to get involved with someone like CALM. I know a lot of musicians who have personal issues – it may be depression or mental health issues – but I've always felt, being a songwriter, that it's very beneficial for me to write songs because I can be – and people expect me to be – very open and vulnerable," Nicholson said. "Whereas I think a lot of young men, especially, find it very difficult to open up about their feelings."


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