Bottoms Up

Album: Single release only (2018)


  • Manuel Ramirez is a rapper from Santa Barbara, California, who records under the name of The Boyboy West Coast. He recounts here a story of falling for a girl at a club.

    You was at the club.
    Bottoms up when I first met you

    Boyboy is drinking a toast to their first encounter.
  • Boyboy originally posted the first verse to his Instagram page on September 2, 2018. Early in 2019, the snippet blew up after becoming a viral meme throughout Instagram, and later, TikTok. As a result of popular demand, the rapper took to Instagram once more on February 15, 2019, to reveal the song's second verse.
  • The song's catchy instrumental, which is titled "Feelin' Free," was supplied by LiL Medic. The producer previously worked on Boyboy's debut February 2018 mixtape, Playboy Gangsta.
  • The phrase "Bottoms Up" is a call to drain one's glass. It refers to the bottoms of the glasses as they are tilted up over the drinkers' mouths. Other artists that have recorded songs titled "Bottoms Up" include Trey Songz, Nickelback and Brantley Gilbert.
  • The Boyboy West Coast told Genius the original inspiration for the lyrics was an actual encounter with a bartender at the club. She was pouring drinks and caught his attention and from then on, the rapper just wanted to get to know her.

    Once he was in the studio, Boyboy just "rolled with it," writing down what he was feeling. He took some small parts about the bartender girl and added them into the verses.

    The relationship didn't develop and they went their separate ways but Boyboy is grateful to the girl for inspiring the song.


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