Party Like You

Album: Bury Me in My Boots (2014)


  • Frontman Jaren Johnston told Rolling Stone Country that he penned this song with the idea of the "dream girl" in mind. "Every guy when they go out, whether they're a douchebag or a normal good guy, they want to meet that girl," he said. "They think they're going to meet that girl."
  • Directed by Brian Lazzaro (Florida Georgia Line's "Cruise"), the song's music video was filmed in East Nashville and features The Cadillac Three performing the song while observing a car thief hit on the ladies. "He's the guy that comes and does too much partying and tries to take the girls," said Johnston, "but we end up with the girls."

    The country trio had a fun time filming the clip, "We basically just drank beer all day long and they filmed it. It was like a day in the life of the Cadillac Three,"said Johnston. "[The video has] all of those elements of debauchery from a crazy night, all these little subplots that don't make sense … And us filming it where I grew up running around as a kid was pretty perfect."
  • Jaren Johnston has said the song was inspired by Ram Jam's rock version of the traditional tune "Black Betty."


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