Album: Gran Turismo (1998)
Charted: 7
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  • Bandmates Peter Svensson and Nina Persson wrote this song. On the surface, it's about a woman who questions her romantic relationship and concludes that she doesn't want to be her lover. But the group was also struggling to change their image as light-as-air Pop stars, a reputation earned from their breezy breakthrough hit "Lovefool."
  • This is featured in the romantic comedy Never Been Kissed and in the end credits of the thriller The Thirteenth Floor.
  • The album is named after the PlayStation game Gran Turismo, which members of the band enjoyed while on tour. >>
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  • According to bass player Magnus Sveningsson, despite featuring guitars being smashed to pieces, no real instruments were harmed during the making of this video. He comforted a concerned fan on the band's official website: "No we would never smash real instruments, that's against our philosophy. I for sure wouldn't smash my basses!"
  • Filming the video for this song was a terrible experience for Sveningsson, who was on the brink of an emotional breakdown. He collapsed just a couple days later. "I was out due to panic attacks and general emotional distress and illness," he explained. He feared he would have to quit the band but his mates wouldn't let him, instead they enlisted Lasse "Leari" Ljungberg, bassist for the Swedish Rock band The Ark, to replace him on the Gran Turismo world tour.

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  • Anonymous from Yokohama,When somebody asked Nina - where title of this song came from - she answered - I saw it on button in answering machine and just liked it :)
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