You Might Think

Album: Heartbeat City (1984)
Charted: 88 7
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  • This won the first-ever Video of the Year award at MTV's Video Music Awards. It beat out "Thriller" by Michael Jackson and Herbie Hancock's "Rockit," among others.
  • The video was very advanced for the time and was one of the first to use computerized effects. Singer/guitarist Ric Ocasek's image appeared in various animated scenes - he would show up as a fly, climbing the Empire State Building, just about anywhere to get the attention of the girl. The object of his affection was played by model Susan Gallagher.
  • This was produced by Mutt Lange, who has also worked with Def Leppard and AC/DC. He was married to Shania Twain from 1993-2008.
  • Cars frontman Ric Ocasek wrote this song. He sings about a girl who thinks he's crazy for putting up with him because she's so difficult.
  • Weezer recorded this for the 2011 movie Cars 2 - their version was used in a scene where Lightning McQueen and Mater go to Japan. The actual Cars had reunited by 2011, but apparently weren't contemporary enough for the kids' movie.
  • The antecedent for the video were commercials for the American gossip magazine National Enquirer, which featured goofy cutout animations of the celebrities the magazine would feature. These spots were produced at Charlex studios, so Jeff Stein, who directed the "You Might Think" video, commissioned them to work on it after pitching The Cars on the idea, which was putting the band in pop culture scenarios and having an animated Ric Ocasek stalk the girl. Getting the band on board wasn't easy. Stein explained in the book I Want My MTV: "I met The Cars and told them, 'The band's in the medicine chest, and then on a bar of soap, and Ric's a fly,' and one of them said, 'Why don't we all just play on a turd in the toilet bowl?' That was the prevailing attitude."

    Stein was famous for his live videos like what he did with Billy Idol on "Rebel Yell," but he thought The Cars were a boring live band so he used digital trickery to get around that.

    The video took months to make, and at first it aired without the fly, which wasn't ready yet. The effects seen in the video can be created with a basic program these days, but in 1984 creating and rendering this stuff was extremely tedious and time consuming.
  • This song was used throughout the CBS TV series BrainDead, which ran for one season in 2016. The show was about ants that take over the brains of politicians. The song played to indicate a character who has been infected.
  • This was used on the series finale of The Office in 2013. It plays while Erin dances with her biological father at Angela and Dwight's wedding reception.

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  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn this day in 1984 {May 5th}* a video of the Car's "You Might Think" was aired on the ABC-TV Saturday-afternoon program, 'American Bandstand'...
    At the time "You Might Think" was in it's second of three weeks at position #7 on Billboard's Top 100 chart, that would also be it's peak position on the Top 100...
    The month before on April 8th, 1984 "You Might Think" peaked at #1 {for 3 weeks} on Billboard's Mainstream Rock Songs chart...
    Between 1978 and 1988 the Boston, Massachusetts group had eighteen records on the Top 100 chart, four made the Top 10 with their biggest hit being "Drive", it peaked at #3 for three weeks in September of 1984...
    Besides "You Might Think" and "Drive", their other two Top 10 records were "Shake It Up" {#4 in 1981} and "Tonight She Comes" {#7 in 1985}...
    Lead singer Rick Ocasek, born Richard Theodore Otcasek, passed away at the age of 75 on September 15th, 2019...
    May he R.I.P.
    * And from the 'For What It's Worth' department, the Billboard's Top 10 on the day the video was aired on 'Bandstand':
    At #1. "Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)" by Phil Collins
    #2. "Hello" by Lionel Richie
    #3. "Hold Me Now" by the Thompson Twins
    #4. "Footloose" by Kenny Loggins
    #5. 'Love Somebody" by Rick Springfield
    #6. "To All The Girls I've Loved Before" by Julio Iglesias and Willie Nelson
    #7. the above "You Might Think"
    #8. "They Don't Know" by Tracey Ullman
    #9. "Let's Hear It For The Boy" by Deniece Williams
    #10. "Miss Me Blind" by the Culture Club
  • Johnny from California This video was released without editing the nip slip out , when Ric’s hand grabs the girl and pulls her out of the window her top falls off .... I can’t believe they left this in the final version , and even to this day it has not been altered.
  • Shandroise De Laeken from Davao City, PhilippinesThis!! I LOVE this song!! Its beat makes me dance and the lyrics is funny as the guy is just "stalker-much"~! But when I play this, other 20+ people around me stare at me with a raised-eyebrows look as if I've done something taboo! Hey, you 20+, your ears were eerily conditioned to listen to crappy present music, poor you's!

    I always like to mention I'm an early-90's born person to let people know that there are "us" who genuinely love 80's music! In my case , I love 50's-90's music as well, but 80's is absolutely the topmost era).
  • Rotunda from Tulsa, OkGreat rock & roll song here. I was a mere tot in the Eighties, but loved the Cars. My older brothers were really crazy over guitars and The Cars. I agree with Elmer H.'s post that they belong in The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Last month (April 2014) I heard that Ric Ocasek will produce Weezer's next album. I recall that Ric also produced two other prior Weezer albums that were huge sellers. I also love Weezer. Great rock band. The Cars were huge back in the 80s. Love them.
  • Ken from Louisville, KyYou Might Think was a great song (and video). But what made it stand out was the lyrics in the break: "You kept it going/Til the sun fell down/You kept it - going". When I head that for the first time I thought - with a smile - "Where did THAT come from?" I still wonder about that. It didn't make any sense....but does rock/pop have to make any sense? It got my attention, which I'm sure that's what the purpose of those lines were.
  • Elmer H from Westville, OkThe Cars were very popular & influential in rock music in The Eighties. I recall that they had a long string of top hits and some of the most significant are now included on their compilation CD "The Best of The Cars." I know that in the music publications of the times that they were at the forefront in music and videos. So, if they're not in The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame yet-----they should be.
  • Rob from Duluth, GaThe girl in the video is definitely not Paulina Porizkova, it's Susan Gallagher. Porizkova has a Mediterranian complexion, dark hair and blue eyes and is clearly of Eastern European heritage, whereas Gallagher is blonde haired and blue eyed and looks like your typical American "girl next door".
  • John from Grand Island, NyGreat group, great music, great time. How come there's only 5 Cars songs on songfacts? Blasphemy!
  • Chris from Tulsa, OkThe Cars were a great group and had a bunch of top twenty hits. They didn't really get the credit they deserved. The 80's were cool, I miss them.

  • Zak from Versailles, Kyi just bought a rick ocaskik cd yesterday
  • Linda from San Diego, CaI too wish we could go back then...and this song helps. Just about being head over heels for someone. When we can remember what that was like. Sentimental I guess.
  • Johnny from Los Angeles, CaAre the cars in the rock n roll hall of fame? They recently came back as "the new cars".
  • Steve from Fenton, MoRic Ocasek belongs in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (if for no other reason) for providing the impetus for a whole generation of homely looking young boys to strive toward Rock and Roll fame after Paulina Poriskova fell in love with and married him. This assured the continuation of the genre for a few decades, which shouldn't be taken lightly.
  • Pepper from Virginia Beach, Valove the cars but this song is a little too poppy, but hey i could never even come close to one single note so who am i to talk!!!
  • John from Fremantle, AustraliaPaulina Poriskova actually appeared in the video for "Drive", as the disturbed woman. Strangely, a "rock star/supermodel" marriage that's still going strong!
  • Dee from Indianapolis, InTHE CARS!! This band stands out as one of the greatest of all times. They did things that no one has ever done both with music and videos. Next to seeing the original Queen line-up tour, The Cars would be my next choice for band that needs to tour. Without Orr it wouldn't be the same, but you have the voice of Ric so....this is a top 10 video for sure and as is said by a previous individual it defines the 80's to a "T". Wish we could go back........
  • Louie from Staten Island, NyThe girl in the video I believe is Ric's wife Paulina Prosvikova? I think I spelled the last name right.
  • Joe from Ocala, FlIt defines the 80's to a tee
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